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Thread: Buying diapers over the internet and being discreet.

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    Default Buying diapers over the internet and being discreet.

    I'm probably the last person that knows about this but... I bought tranquility diapers online today and found out an option exist where I can have them shipped to a fedex location near my home and held there until I can pick them up. This is known as location hold. I called the company (northshorecare) and asked if I can have the package shipped to fedex and held there until I can pick them up. Easy as that. I remember reading articles about how people don't want them shipped to there home due to the possibility of others finding out.

    Everyone may or may not know about this... though, I thought I would share.

    I live with my brother and he's pretty good about privacy... although, he's a Dr. (rheumatologist) and he might know the label or the company might send pamphlets or adds and what not. I'm trying to not use his address.

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    That is what I do whenever I order diapers online. Boxes always show up when I am out and I hate worrying that my parents or someone might open it thinking it is theirs. That has happened once but lucky it was only computer parts. After that I have always done hold at location. Also if you have the tracking number you don't have to call them, with FedEx you can just go to their site and track it and there is a box you can check for hold at location. I assume you can do the same with UPS.

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    I would do this not because its discreet but because there is a growing number of thieves that are not following shipping company trucks and picking up the packages from doorsteps.

    TNT: Thieves trail UPS, FedEx trucks to steal packages -
    Holiday Deliveries Offer Easy Pickings for Thieves - Skokie, IL Patch

    Wonder what the thieves would think after they stole a case of adult diapers

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    Another option is to just send your package to a UPS Store location. You don't need to have a mailbox there, you just need to tell them that a package will be arriving for you and give them your name and phone number (preferably a mobile number!) or email address. I'm not sure if the fee schedule is identical at all locations, but my UPS Store charges a flat fee of $5 to receive a package. Next to the cost of a case of diapers, this isn't much, and for those who are concerned about having such things shipped to their house, it's totally worth it.

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    Don't you need to be 18+ to sign for the package for pickup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulpix77 View Post
    Don't you need to be 18+ to sign for the package for pickup?
    At the UPS Store? I doubt it, but it couldn't hurt to ask. If you can drive or have some other generally accepted form of ID, I would think it should be fine. I've now done this once, and I just sent them an email telling them that a package was on the way. They would have had no way of knowing my age at that time. When they called my cell phone to let me know the package had arrived, I showed up, showed them my driver's license, paid them $5, and received my package. Easy as pie.

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    umm if you are in ohio, you could have likely picked the tranquility diapers up at the plant.... it is on i-75 north of Bowling Green Ohio. We keep joking that the ageplay group should do a field trip to there

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    I once drove to Abena UK headquarters to pick up a few bags of xplus. Took about an hour each way. Was kind of fun road trip.

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