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Thread: The Perfect Diaper Company from Scratch

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    Default The Perfect Diaper Company from Scratch

    So I have seen several threads about how unfortunatly, most teen and adult diapers suck. Aside from a few diamonds among the rough like Bambino, adult diapers are not really that great. It is almost as if the companies who make them have forgotten about their real purpose and use! Here is what I think we all need products to have:

    1) Absorbancy. If it cannot absorb large amounts of urine, whats the point? Take the Depend Pull Ups for example. If the average person starts peeing, they will start leaking after less than 7 seconds from experience and word of mouth. Adult diapers need to do the job, pure and simple.

    2) Comfort. These things have nice to the skin. I cannot tell you how tired I am of the ganny-panty-like diapers we have right now. Almost all mainstream companies are guilty of this....Depends, Attends, Tena, etc.... People will be willing to pay more if necersary Why cant adult diapers be as cozy as baby ones? There is no reason for them not to be!

    3) Look/Appearance. Although the least important of the three, most would consider this to be important. Diapers should be sleek and sexy? Why shouldnt they? Almost all other clothing is isnt it? People buy what looks good. SInce a lot of people have to wear them, shouldn't they try to make them as enjoyable as possible?

    So how could a diaper company work to please everyone, both DL's, TB's, AB's, and Incontinent wearers alike. Here is what we need:

    1) Pampers Cruisers style adult diaper: I cannot stress this enough, Pampers Cruisers have come the closest of any diaper of any size to being the perfect diaper. Now granted, they will need to be slightly modified for adults such as the need for an extra tab, but the material needs to be used for adults as well. Also, Adult diapers need to have the smell of Pampers. Both wet and dry, Pampers Cruiser smell better then any adult diaper on the market.

    2) Huggies Pull Ups style Adult diaper: This means exactly what I say, the Huggies Pull Ups diaper, made BIGGER. No tampering with the materials at ALL!! We need this quality of diaper for adult users too.

    extras: I think the combination of these two products will please everyone. Now as for marketing, we need to get rid of the depressing testimonials of old people. We need to have the focus of the ads on TV and in Magazines be along the lines of "Ya I have this issue, so what? I'm not going to stop living my life, I'm gonna live well!"

    The company webpage should also be split where there are three age groups.

    1) 12-17
    2) 18-39
    3) 40 and up

    This way, the page relates to each age group so that design and marketing can as well.

    The stigma of buying diapers needs to go as well. Although they are not, we need to market them as an alternative to wearing boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs. The ads need to be sleek, sexy and encouraging.

    What do you think? Wouldnt the whole diaper-wearing community benefit from these changes?

    In my opinion, screw Depends!!

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    Sounds great, when do you start production?

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    Bottom line > Quality for the most part. There are better brands than the ones you listed for a reason; Depends, etc, are for one market, whereas the higher-quality diapers are for another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llayden View Post
    Sounds great, when do you start production?
    ahaha thanks

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    Keep in mind that most adult diaper manufacturers cater to their intended market (incontinence) rather than enthusiasts

    Incontinent people for the most part do not need a super mega 50gal capacity diaper, they want something thin and comfortable. Just because they are incontinent, doesnt mean they empty their full bladder at light speed, the pullups for example are targeted at users with light (ie dribbling) bladder incontinence and they perform well for the intended use.

    As much as everyone hates on the depend briefs, once again, for the intended use, they are marginally ok. they hold one wetting fairly well and at that point the thing is changed, incontinent people dont want to sleep all night in a pissy diaper, they will change it and go back to sleep!

    Looks, well once again, incontinent people dont flash their diapers around and efforts have been made (such as the new depend pullups) to make them a little more subtle if they do happen to show.

    I dont get why people keep ragging on the manufacturers, especially those who are trying to cater to the AB/DL's. It takes time and money to get things straightened out and find the perfect medium between cost/price and looks/performance/fit. which i think bambinos have done quite well, the ABUs on the other hand seem to cater alot more to the looks rather than performance (capacity)

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    This whole ideal ABDL diaper thing sounds great, but in reality wouldn't happen the way people like to think it would. ABDL is a small, small market and we can't just expand out to normal people as many have suggested before. Really, who in their right mind would actually substitute diapers over regular underwear. They are (despite popular belief) inconvenient, very expensive, already have negative stigma, and to the regular person probably not all that comfortable. To incontinent people they are a medical device, not so much an article of clothing. So that can't really be the same market either...

    Then you have the cost. The ideal diaper would be very expensive to make, meaning very expensive for the consumer, and with such a small market for them it would be hard to bring in much profit if any. One machine alone would cost upwards of 2 million dollars, and it's not even running yet!

    So the circumstance is basically that one must already have the machines, the workforce, the money and the resources. Then they must have enough dough to get it started and have a solid plan to bring a profit from it all. And, of course, a desire to actually do it.

    Right now it's going to stay a dream until some big diaper company sees enough of us to make a specialized product for our community. BUT! it is not entirely impossible because it's happened once or twice before! Look at Bambino, they had all those things and it's worked out pretty well for them. So we can hope...

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    its not just the ab/dl market...these mainstream diapers suck. I have spoken with incontinent people about this. I am not sayig that my plan will be put into practice, I am saying it should. Why would you argue with this? I would expect you to say something along the lines of, well..."It prolly wont happen but totally want it"

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    Low-performing, low capacity diapers do not suit the incontinent well. They are a waste of money and a bother to constantly change. True, it's not so evident that one is diapered, but that's a small benefit when one is diapered, anyhow.

    Give me a diaper I can change only three or four times a day, and one which won't leak on my, my clothes, my furniture, and my dignity. I'll deal with the bulk, thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PFD View Post
    Low-performing, low capacity diapers do not suit the incontinent well. They are a waste of money and a bother to constantly change. True, it's not so evident that one is diapered, but that's a small benefit when one is diapered, anyhow.

    Give me a diaper I can change only three or four times a day, and one which won't leak on my, my clothes, my furniture, and my dignity. I'll deal with the bulk, thank you.
    i mean this is logical!!! If its crap, dont buy it. We need a better choice

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