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    My friends and I have had a podcast for almost two years now and have been trying to find a permeate place to host it so you can find everything together. I am having a site built and that should be done by the end of the month.

    We started by posting videos on YouTube and the moved over to because YouTube was flagging our videos for a few audio samples we was using, blip wouldn't and we could earn money. So we moved over to in May of this year and it turns out that Blip will say "You've made $2.00 this month." But it has a minimal requirement were you have to make $25 a month to get a check, if you don't, the money just rolls over until you reach $25. For you to make that kind of money you need to have around 10,000 views a video and we aren't that well known so we are only doing around 30 views a video. has said starting Dec. 20, 2011 they will no longer allow audio-only videos so things like podcasts have to find a new place to host, so this is where I need your help.

    Does anyone know of any good podcasting sites where I could have all my episodes and make money?

    Ok thankfully I have found a place to host the podcast. Thank you to everyone who read this post.
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