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Thread: Diapers and Air Travel

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    Default Diapers and Air Travel

    I'm flying home today. The trip will take twelve hours. This is just a bit too long to go with one diaper, that is, without a plan for a change during the trip. I'll have a one-hour stop between flights and will change my diaper there. I'm bringing that spare diaper, and another one, in my carry-on. In addition there are two in my suitcase, in case things go wrong.

    I'll wear a terry-lined plastic pant over my diaper. And I'm wearing Dry 24/7's for the trip.

    I bought some Depend diapers from a pharmacy here, before I decided to order some good diapers and have them sent to the hotel - I've been here a month. I have considered stuffing a Depends inside my good diapers, then removing it during the trip, but that would leave the good diaper sagging. So I'll change in an airport bathroom stall.

    I once changed in a moving bus, in the cramped bathroom. That was an adventure! Traveling in diapers is a matter of logistics, and only needs a bit of planning.

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    Hope it goes well - sure it will - good planning with a bit in reserve sounds like a recipe for success.

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    Thank you for the kind wishes. (God, I hate the hassle of flying, diapers notwithstanding.)

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    Be sure to cut slits about 1 inch accross the entire diaper so you can get double protection on your trip.
    Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by PFD View Post
    Traveling in diapers is a matter of logistics, and only needs a bit of planning.
    I was watching tv when a commercial about ups and logistics came on. Made me laugh!!

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    Things should go better than you expect. If you are using the Dry24/7 diapers they should hold up for a long time depending on how much you drink.
    Relax and enjoy your flight. Since you have changed in a moving bus once, changing in an airplane if needed should be much easier. :-)

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    I changed at the Charlotte hub, in a bathroom stall. All went well, but for the fact that I forgot to pack my Leatherman tool in my checked bag, and had to check a carry-on with that tool in it, else leave it behind. Ooops, my bad.

    No stuffers needed, I'm happy to say.

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    Just dont flush the diaper. I dont want to think a soiled metor Hit me in the head. . JK. If your in the USA be careful of the Patdowns. A 70 year old who had a diaper on was made to remove it.

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    For what it's worth, I flew to and all over Europe recently always diapered. No problems at all and most airport restrooms have very clean private stalls. Easy to change and stay dry. Good wishes,

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    air ports have disable toilets you can change in. you can take spares in your hand luggage.
    i cant think why any one would be humiliated at a pat down, its not like they havnt seen it all before, you wont be the first. that is unless your in fetish baby wear

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