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Thread: Advice/Question about Wetting diapers

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    Default Advice/Question about Wetting diapers

    Hello all, I need some help or advice, from whomever may be able to give it. Now, in my current relationship they have been fully accepting of my baby side & my interest in diapers, & have never been able have an experience until now. So here is my question, what are the ways to make wetting diapers easier? I want to able to have a full babying experience & just wanted to know how some others are able to do it & go about doing it while wearing diapers. Thanks

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    The only way to make wetting your diapers easier is to wet your diapers more often. Its somthing you need to get used to afterall we're trained from a young age not to wet ourselves.

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    It may be easier to stand by or sit on a toilet, as if you were going to go without the diaper on. I have heard many people say they had problems going in a diaper but I guess I'm lucky because I never had problems.

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    Thanks so far. I, while not having been able to wear that often have a hard time wetting diapers, but of course using the toilet isnt a problem, which is frusterating. Which as I said, for the babying experience I'd like to train my body to make it easier, but not sure how to go about it.

    More help/advice is wanted/welcome.

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    I know what you mean. Desperately wanting to wet your diaper but you can't and then after your play date you have to go to the toilet bad and that does work. Not funny

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    Like Superemt said, the only way to wet easier is to wet more. Drink a lot of fluids. If you really need to pee, it will be easier. Teas and caffeinated help too. Don't push, just relax. You might also be excited by the thought. I know if I think about what I am doing, I can get "excited" and it becomes difficult to continue.

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    I have sort of the same problem. I can't wet lying down and have to be either standing or like kneeling. Relaxation and really needing to go do help a bit thought. Also try taking some deep breaths, in through the nose out through the mouth, before trying to wet.

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    I can't wet while laying down.
    Have been able to just a few times - but really have to strain.

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    I found the toilet method the best cause well we are all trained to pee in the toilet so even if your in a nappy you should be able to let loose then go back to playing in a wet nappy and then start trying to pee in your nappy away from the toilet it's just a case of practice makes perfect unlike messing you can't force pee .... Hope you get some good results soon xx

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    I have found that drinking plenty of water and relaxing i can wet just about anywhere and anytime. It took awhile to train my bladder to do this , it will come with time.

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