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Thread: looking for a waddler diaper

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    Default looking for a waddler diaper

    I am trying to find a good disposable diaper that has alot of material in the area that goes in between your legs, but I dont want to have to put more than one diaper on at once. What adult diaper do you think would be best for this? I know that you can get cloth diapers with multiple layers to make you waddle but I do not like cloth diapers.
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    Two immediately come to mind, Molicare SuperPlus, and the Dry 24/7s. Both are quite thick and will make you waddle. The Dry's are particularly bulky. Abena XPlus's are technically about as thick, but I don't think they hold their shape as well. They tend to sqench down for me.

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    theres another brand which is Dr.P
    i dont know whether does your country sells it.
    take the overnight diapers, it is very thick and it will make you waddle especially when wet. =)

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    Another option is to stuff a premium diaper. If you add two or three inserts into them they become quite ridged and will prevent you from walking normally.

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    I'm pretty lazy, so I just take slit the first diaper enough that the wetness with absorb into both diapers. Provides not only protection for about 5-6 wettings, but it feels amazing. Definitively thick enough that I waddle.

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    I don't know about you but Bambino's always make me walk funny. Molicares as well. I once put on 8 medium depends and 3 large ones over the top of that just so I could waddle. It was really uncomfortable after awhile.

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    I think a dry24/7 and a stuffer is the best solution to this, that about as thick as your going to get in a disposable diaper IMO.

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    yer i had the depends and thort they didnt have enuf "waddle" in them so if you get a baby diaper and you it as a booster Pad works well

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    Bambino New Diapers are designed with a wider crotch specifically for waddling, but they are horrible at wicking, so I'd either stuff, or double with a diaper with more wicking ability.

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