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Thread: Is there a link between bedwetting in childhood and inconvenience in later life?

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    Default Is there a link between bedwetting in childhood and inconvenience in later life?

    I was a bedwetter until my mid teens, when it gradually stopped. I started to pee my bed again in my early 40's. I was wondering if it was just bad luck, or if there was a link. I wonder how many people using this bit of the site wet the bed as kids, and if so when did they stop.

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    Incontinence, you mean?

    I gradually stopped around 13-14 or so, I think. My memory is a bit fuzzy back that far for reasons that aren't very relevant for the time being.

    My problem started back up again earlier this year. It sucks, but, I can either wallow in misery or make the best of it.

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    There could be a link I also wet the bed up until I was about 14-15 and the problem came back at 39.

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    The condition is actually widely recognized, and has been studied fairly extensively. It is known as secondary enuresis. There is quite a bit of information about out there about people who were bedwetters as children, and then for known, and unknown, reasons became inconvenienced with it again later in life. Here is a good link to start with regarding the subject Secondary Enuresis - Page 1 | . I was a regular bedwetter until my late teens, and mostly got over it without issues. It has pretty much gone away entirely, and there have been years where I have woken up dry every night, and then periods of time later on where a wet bed has been an issue once every couple of weeks.
    It is inconvenient, embarrassing, and miserable to live with at times, but it's something to get used to and hope goes away.

    Good luck, and I know how you feel.

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    Default Link for me

    Stands to reason, if you wet as a child youíre more likely to as an adult. Now Iím a bit different in that even as a child I somewhat enjoyed bed-wetting. Anyway, had the problem till age nine or so when it tapered off and totally stopped. Then, in my late teens when it was the furthest thing from my mind I wet the bed after a beer party, and again, and again. That was the beginning, during my early to mid twenties I slowly regressed back to regular bed-wetting. Been that way for years now, not a problem.

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    stopped night wetting aged about 12 and started having problems with it again about 20 after kidney trouble.

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    Definitely a genetic link and this disorder can reoccur later in life. In my case, I wet the bed as a child, usually with associated night terrors. However, I also had shaky day time control. My night terrors and bedwetting disappeared around age 13. My teens were by far the most continent in my life. I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disease when I was 22 and, thereafter, my wetting problems became worse. I started wetting at night again when I was around 25. I'm in my mid-forties and have been wetting almost every night for several decades. I once found some research that associated bedwetting, over-active bladder, anxiety attacks and irritable bowel syndrome all on the same chromosome in a complex of central nervous system diseases.

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    Well, I was a bedwetter until I was 16-17. My first year in college, I was in a nasty car accident which, among other things, really messed up my my back. Now, some 40+ years on, I've got osteoarthritis in that area of my back that was injured (among other places). Incontinence developed about 15 years ago, and has been a constant daytime companion since.

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