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Thread: PARANOID that people know about diaper fetish.

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    Default PARANOID that people know about diaper fetish.

    A few months ago I may have been discovered in just a diaper by a friend. I have no way of knowing, I fell asleep with the curtain open after I told her to stop by. Our friendship is in no way of a sexual nature. When I awoken I was in a diaper and realized I had the curtain open, I honestly in no way meant to do this. I was afraid that I was discovered, so I called her the next morning to ask if she ever stopped by and she said no. I dont know if she said this to spare me the embarrassment or if she actually never stopped by. To top it off, she is someone that cant keep her mouth shut about anything. If she was a hot girl that I found attractive I would probably be getting a thrill out of this, but I am in no way sexually attracted to her. I felt as if I was getting weird looks from some people right after this occurred but I could have just been being paranoid.

    I also told someone not that long ago about my fetish, and am not 100% sure the secret is safe, I made the mistake of telling a person that drinks heavily and sometimes says things she shouldnt when she drinks, but would never say anything in a sober state. I have asked several times if my secret was safe and she said it was just between us and she would never tell.

    So after all of this, now I am paranoid that people know. No one has ever said anything about it, but maybe they know it would not be appropriate. It brings me a great deal of shame, not knowing if some people know or not. There have been a couple of remarks by a couple people that spiked my attention, but again could have just been my paranoia. I know my details are kind a vague here, but what do you have to say about my situation. Does anyone else feel like this?

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    I know that at least a couple people have found me out without me intending for them to. And I suspect that several more know, but cannot confirm this and am definitely not going to broach the subject, just because they've spent so much time around me for so long that I don't see how they couldn't at least wonder.
    But none of them have ever said a word to me. The way I see it, out of sight is out of mind. So I just don't worry about it. I worked myself up over it though once I knew I'd been outed, so I kind of know where you're coming from. And I've had those " couple of remarks by a couple people that spiked my attention" too, but until someone wants to address me directly about that, I figure that worrying will do nothing except give me more gray hair.

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    I DO think you're being paranoid. Consider this: even IF anyone has noticed your diaper by mistake, what makes you think they would assume it to be a fetish?

    The following is from my personal experience:

    First, most people can catch a glimpse of a diaper and not even realize what they're looking at...if the do even notice it, they may just think it's some kind of unusual underwear and not give it more than a second thought.

    Secondly, even if there is no doubt that they are looking at you wearing a diaper, they will be most likely assume that you are wearing for necessity, i.e. bedwetting or overactive bladder. In this case, it is very unlikely you will hear anything about it, unless you are in the third grade. They will be more likely to feel embarassed themselves about it. It is just not cool these days to make fun of people with any disabilities.

    Thirdly, most people aren't even aware that there exists such a thing as a diaper fetish, or even if they are, they probably would have a hard time believing that a "normal" person, one of THEIR friends, is a diaper fetishist.

    And last but not least on at least my little list, is that the majority of decent people, even if they do discover your diaper fetish, probably won't say much or anything to anyone about it. Of course, immature people may, but if you are generally cool and level-headed not a creep, they will probably just look like a-holes or idiots if they do say anything. (If you get the chance, you can always deny it as an outlandish rumor, laugh and dismiss it, or use reverse psychology and jokingly proclaim how much you just LOOOVE wearing diapers, and how you were never potty-trained, play it off and people will probably have a good laugh and forget all about it after that.) These of course are worst-case scenarios, like someone who knows attempting to "out" you at work or in a bar, etc.

    HOWEVER: While being paranoid to the point of making yourself stressed out is bad and unnecessary, you DO need to be careful. Allowing any situations where your worst enemies may discover your fetish is very stupid. Also keep in mind that people who are cool with it one day may just turn that knowledge against you later, for myriad reasons. Aaaannd, be EXTREMELY careful what you do with any photos of yourself indulging in your fetish, and don't ever post any photos online that you wouldn't hang up in a public place. It is pretty hard to deny pics of your smiling face connected to your diaper-clad body! This is a pretty big juicy secret that in the wrong hands could be used to do a lot of damage to your credibility.

    Now I sound

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    I might be part of the "older" crowd, where you don't have to give a damn about what others think, and trust me, you'll be there some day too. If someone wants to make a big deal about you wearing a diaper, you don't owe them any explanations. Women wear mentrual pads and panty liners, in today's day and age it's really no big deal. You are YOU, a diaper doesn't change one single thing about who you are, you weren't harming anyone, you wern't selling crystal meth to kids in the schoolyard, you were in your own home wearing protective underwear and accidently left the curtain open. When we worry about what others think about us, we become their hostage, that's about the best advice I can pass on to anyone...

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    I have learned to be fairly discreet, especially around close friends and family, but there have been times where things might have been seen or noticed—enough times that by now, I have to admit that some people must have a clue that I have a thing for diapers.
    I actively ignore this reality, and pretend like my personal secrets are personal, and secret. Most people would rather pretend they never knew your secret, seeing as they probably have secrets of their own.
    If someone does know, well $&@#, whattcha gonna do? Laugh it off. Yeah, it's a bit weird, but it's not wrong, isn't hurting anything. Then go back to denial, it's just easier to maintain

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    I doubt seriously that someone passing by would look into your window and actually be able to see that you were lying there wearing only a diaper. Of course, if you have a good looking body and she's attracted to you, she might have made an effort. I would be more concerned about the girl you told. Telling someone greatly increases the possibility that someone will talk. It makes me wonder, since both of these things have occurred, if you don't have a deep seeded desire to be discovered? If not, I would exercise a lot more caution in the future.

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    Whenever I am wearing ONLY a diaper around the house I will close the curtains, especially at night.

    There are only 5 people (in RL) that know about my AB/DL. An old ex-room mate, my former pastor, my current pastor & his wife and my wife. My wife, of course knows the most about me than anyone (as it should be). I talked to my former pastor with my wife present, before we got married (pre-marriage counseling). After we moved to Wisconsin, my wife was having a little difficulty in accepting my AB/DL side. She didn't want to betray my trust, so I gave her permission to talk to our current pastor and his wife. I have never talked to my current pastor nor his wife about my AB/DL side ( I have no need to). BUt for some reason it helped my wife accept it, so I am fine with that.

    Outside these 5 people no one else knows, and I have no plans on letting anyone else in it. No one else really needs to know (nor do I stand to gain anything in anyone else knowing).

    The way I look at it: My former room mate knew me about 14 years ago. So at this point, he if he does tell anyone,,,,,,so what. Fourteen years ago is like ancient history. My former pastor wont talk to anyone, he has no reason to. Plus, if he did, big deal, I don't even live in that state anymore, I'm 550 miles away now. Today, I have totally accepted that I am a AB/DL person, so I don't care if my current pastor & his wife says anything to anyone else about it. I don't care if my wife tells anyone else about it. I finally realized what others have been saying all along. I am not harming anyone. I'm not doing anything illegal. I keep myself decent when I am out in public (diapered or not).

    I only have a total of 4 pics posted on the net that clearly show me in a diaper. These 4 pics are the only ones that are posted. However, I have them on 3 different websites: here, another AB/DL site and photo bucket. This site and Photo bucket are 'protected' from public search results. I wont name the third website. Suffice it to say, the pics do not show up in any public search results. However, I might remove the 3 that are unprotected, but then again, they've been there for a while now.

    Maybe that age of 'who cares if they know' is different for everybody. Some people may reach it late in life, others earlier. For me, that's where I am, and I am happy with it.

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    At 60 and disabled with a number of other problems i no longer care.

    A couple years ago i walked down the length of blacks beach early one morning in just a diaper. and have done burning man openly diapered.

    I follow the 50 mile rule and have been seen many times by others at nude beaches and hot springs.
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    Don't assume that folks will leap to the conclusion that your diapers are to meet a psychological need, rather than a physical one. The most likely explanation they will offer themselves, if the offer one, is that you're in diapers because your body leaks. I never made this connection before, but it strikes me now that the same obsessive-compulsive thinking that drives a fetish or an addiction, also drives a sort of paranoid thought. Hmmmm....verrrrry interesting!

    (I'm an alcoholic in recovery, 17 years sober. I know about obsessive-compulsive.)

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    Blacks Beach??? wow.. I've got a friend who got busted skinny dipping there and now has to register as a sex offender !! I know it's a public beach and all, but... its always been traditionally nudist. myself, i'd probably walk around there in the buff, dribbling all the way.. (if not for the horror story) and the fact I live 1000 miles away now

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