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Thread: new fuubuu diapers are cute and awesome

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    Default new fuubuu diapers are cute and awesome

    new fuubuu diapers are cute and awesome, I have a few Winnie the pooh ones on the way got the first one today will post pics in a bit.

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    I wanted to check the website, but I guess my IP is not liked by the chinese, I'm being disconnected from their website every 2 seconds :p
    Looks like I'll have to wait for your pictures

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    Winnie the pooh fuubuu never seen a cloth daiper with built in mess liner seems like such awesome useful feature when you think about it.
    btw all diaper pics posted are for cloths that require plastic pants I do have around 200 disposables on top of my cloths any back to diaper pics clean no human in them pics.
    old style fuubuu
    hian pochi diaper
    American teddy diaper
    Some of my collection The box in the closet is about 200 prefolds, the boxes in the vanity are disposables with snapi's for cloth pre folds on top of the box, the blue bin contains more cloth diapers and plastic pants, the small laundry basket is my weekly diapers, the big basket is some of my ab dress up clothes and more diapers and plastic pants.
    btw fuubuu is also known as

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    I have bought many pairs of plastic pants from that site and have found them to be very good in quality. You can also go to his store from e-bay and look at the products. Shipping was around a week and a half to michigan. I also am looking to buy fuubuu diapers but didn't know how they performed.

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    I just visited their website. Wow, they have a nice looking product line, but their prices are almost too reasonable to believe. Thanks for the infomation, I will be placing an order in the near future.

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    yeah there pretty good check there ebay store for what you looking for first though because you can often get free shipping.
    They make lost of good diapers and pads, the day diapers hold around 800ml(27oz) and some designs have pocket for up to 4 booster pads(400ml(13oz) each) for upto 2400ml(81oz) of capacity, the night diapers start at 1600ml(~54oz) and some have the same pocket option as above for a theoretical 4000ml(135oz) of capacity.
    They also make great padded training pants you can often catch these on sale for less than $5 a piece.
    My usual combo is a training pant 250ml(8oz) + a night diaper 1600ml(~54oz) + a thin folded flat 300ml(10oz) with pull patch on the bottom with a sissy plastic pant from huzi for capacity of 2150ml(72oz), I usually wear this to bed and have used about 400ml(13oz) by morning and then I flood in the morning with what ever is still in bladder about 300ml(10oz), and usually takes it all in stride even to see a slight like I usually haft to wear it from 11pm the night before to about 1pm the next day and dribble about 60ml(2oz) every 15 minutes when I am awake and diapered, much less when I a sleep. I hope this gives everyone a good rundown of fuubuu. If ya need more info just ask I have around a hundred diapers from them and am quite happy with them.

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    I have also bought quite a few of those too, yeah, they are gurrrrrrrreat :3

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    Try going through E-Bay.

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    these look amazing, I am definitely buying a few of their plastic pants, and some diapers!
    I've looked at some designs, and half of them are really good, but whats the difference between the 2219 and 2215 designs?

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    All 2019 series have a vinyl shell only
    2015 though same style bares internal shell of breathable water proof PUL, and external shell of soft fleece type fabric.

    I have the Winnie the pooh seen here FuuBuu 2215-01-JAPAN ADULT Diapers Plastic Pants Covers Incontinence Pants/Covers 2215 it is great.
    No leaks, even though it was stuffed with one of there training pants a six layer non-shelled cloth diaper from them, a mama's baby pants 6 layer flat diaper fold into a long rectangle for use as a stuffer, and specialty flat diaper that I have lost of that have a pull rectangle in the middle with 4 birds eye-layers and a single fabric layer that makes the 36"x42" I fold this layer in to match the size of the pull square which is 18"x24". I put all of this on the training pant then the baby pants, then Velcro cloth diaper, then the flat pull diaper, and my pooh cover held it all in securely and did leak a bit even after four heavy wettings. I have the vinyl clear one as well I just find the pull more comfortable, even with that many layers and forced waddle their by, I mean that truly I could not have closed my legs if I wanted to, point being even with all that my skin could still breath, and I did not leak so pul ftw!, the clear vinyl is cool because you can see when you are wet if your into that, but they both work extremely I guess if I lived some where cold I use the vinyl more often.
    end story.

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    I have bought from them I own 4 pairs of the 2207 and love them. I have never had a leak while wearing them.

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