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Thread: Thoughts of DL's in my old school.

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    Question Thoughts of DL's in my old school.

    A while back when I was a Freshman, I took interest in this one girl. She was tall, brunette, brown-eyed, and to me... beautiful. She was the kind of girl you fall in love, or rather intense infatuation, with at first sight.

    To get on point... The one day, our lunch table was having a random discussion on gag-gifts for people. I told everyone all the crazy (aka stupid) things my dad got everyone as joke gifts. I got to one story in particular I tried to avoid, but figured it wouldn't hurt.

    So, my sister started her nursing career at a nursing home. Being a home filled with LOT of elderly, she of course had to change adult diapers at times. As a joke gift, my dad bought here a pack of Depend to "practice for work" with. After telling that story, the girl in question said, "I'd definitively wear a diaper." It caught me by surprise, I felt my face get hot and I just asked why. She told me "It'd be comfortable to have a cushion for these hard ass seats. Plus, I'd save a lot of time on bathroom trips." We laughed. I forced mine and went into deep thought mode.

    "Could she of just been abusing the joking spirit we were in. Could she actually be into diapers? She is a masochist. Maybe that stems from being a diaper lover? There are some diaper lovers who like being humiliated or bound while diapered. Should I get her to spill the beans? I need to ask her in private."

    So... I end the thread with a question.
    I've still never found out whether she was a *B/DL or not.
    I have her number and we text farely often.
    She know's I'm a furry, but how will she take being a DL?

    I've pondered this too often, so..
    Should I ask and find out?
    It's been so long since the comment was made, would it be a dead giveaway?
    If I SHOULD ask her, how should I word it? I'm not going to lie, I'm no ladies man.

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    99 times out of 100, we, as AB/DLs, read WAY too much into these statements. It is much more likely she is not into our interests and was just making an off-hand joke.

    Decide what you expect to gain out of this - where do you see this going after both a positive and negative response. Are you willing to accept the possible negative outcome on the odd chance you get a positive one? High school can be a brutal place. More often than not these things don't play out like we hope for in our heads.

    I have no idea how you would approach this if you're dead set on find out if she's into diapers, but I would say that you should at least approach it from an indirect path. Maybe find out if she likes being cared for or if she is a sub first, and then maybe find opportunities to slip baby stuff into conversations. Slowly, though. Don't just text her "HEY DO YOU LIKE WEARING DIAPERS?"

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    ^ I concur. Whenever we hear these things, we jump to conclusions. I don't think anyone here can say a thought like this has never entered their mind when they hear stuff like this being said. But later, you have to realize... Non-AB/DL's brains do not function like ours. Most don't even know we exist, so what's the harm in poking fun about an item that's simply a tool used by the elderly and the young? I'm 99.999999...% sure that it was just a joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tee View Post
    Don't just text her "HEY DO YOU LIKE WEARING DIAPERS?"
    I wasn't planing on being that blunt. It's different. She didn't just say it. It's the way she said it..
    I'll never actually find out. It's just one of those things that makes me think.

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    well if it was me personally i would bring it up in a joking manner, ask if she remembered that time, and if she does ask her if she was serious or something. but start it off as a light and funny conversation.

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    Ask her, I don't see why not tbh. It saves the whole 'is she isn't she' thing. And if she says no, then don't bring it u p again and if she says yes then thats aewsome

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlvinS3ville View Post
    Ask her, I don't see why not tbh. It saves the whole 'is she isn't she' thing. And if she says no, then don't bring it u p again and if she says yes then thats aewsome
    And it is equally possible she will be freaked out by such a question, mention it to others, and the OP's life will be worse off. People need to think long and hard about these situations, not just assume that if she isn't interested, then she'll just drop it and never speak of it again.

    Like I said, do you actually gain anything by asking this girl about ab/dl? Regardless of the fact that it's almost assured that she has no ab/dl interests, will there be some big positive gain that would outweigh the almost guaranteed outcome of her not reciprocating these feelings?

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    I doubt an infantilist would be so open about liking diapers even as a joke. You were scared and had to force yourself to laugh at the conversation, would you be so willing to admit an interest in wearing a diaper given how you privatly feel about diapers? Even as a masocist it is unlikely to joke like that and be an abdl.

    It is likely too late now, but you could talk to her more privatly and admite that you did consider wearing one just to see how it feels. How she reacts to that might give you a hint if she is tbdl and would not be as direct as Tee suggested. You could also bring up diapers again later and see her reaction then.

    Overall just don't think too much into it. I'm glad you had such an interesting coversation with a girl you like. Maybe she can become a good friend or even more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainPreposterous View Post
    A while back when I was a Freshman...
    How long ago was that? If it was quite awhile back, you missed your opportunity. To bring up an off-hand statement someone made years ago that everyone else has probably forgotten , may seem odd to her , and possibly out yourself (i.e. "why does he just happen to remember that?"). So it's probably best to leave that idea alone.

    A better way would be to open a conversation on a sort of semi-related subject, whereby one thing can lead to another and / or subtle hints can be dropped and conclusions made -- a sort of covert fact-finding mission if you will -- if this goes very well you may even get a definite answer. But in any case a large measure of caution is in order, as there is quite a bit of risk involved.

    Personally, I'd probably let it go altogether.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlvinS3ville View Post
    Ask her, I don't see why not tbh. It saves the whole 'is she isn't she' thing. And if she says no, then don't bring it u p again and if she says yes then thats aewsome
    Totally agree!

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