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    Hopefully this won't sink to the bottom of the forums like a stone but here goes.

    I figured we need a place, I guess like a bible to have a comprehensive review of any diaper/nappy we have ever used. This can make buying new diapers, or first time buyers life a little less stressful. If we do it this right it should save us all money, time, effort, leaks and embarrassment.

    Maybe one of you guys know how to make a good template thats easy and quick to read for reviews, including the tapes, absorbency, noise etc. Just all that stuff that matters.

    Thunder cats are go!

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    There is an articles section with a lot of reviews in it for many different types of diapers. They also look for new articles for diapers that have not yet been discussed in an article or review. I'm pretty sure a lot of these articles cover everything you are discussing here, so you can look there if you want.

    Lots have comments as well with other people's opinions, they are generally a good idea to check out before you buy a new brand that you are unsure of.

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    Okay, sorry i had no idea D:
    Alot of content in here!*looks around*

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    Mine is always like "no dont do that, that sick"

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