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    Hi, Iím an AB/DL from Hawaii.

    I have been into diapers for as long as I can remember, but finding others into diapers on the internet was a huge moment for me. I remember that I was watching a PBS program with my family that did a small business profile on a local shop that made bubble-wrap lingerie. I was kind of turned on by the female models, so I fired up the new, blisteringly fast 9.6k baud modem to look for photos on their website. Then I realized that there might also be photos of women in diapers on the internet, and I found sites like Deeker and a few others which have long since ceased to exist.

    But I also found that I wasnít alone in liking diapers, and that there were actually quite a few other people who were very dedicated to creating an online community for ABs. And some 15 years later, the community has only grown. So thatís why Iím here, to keep up with others who share the same interest in diapers.

    As for me, Iím a graduate student in a bioscience. That doesnít leave me much time for hobbies, but with Skyrim and Battlefield 3 having just been released, I have been trying to get back into PC gaming like I was so into when I was younger. I also used to race motorcycles back when we still had a track on the island. That said, I havenít owned a car since 2004, so I ride a sportbike every day, even through 2006ís 43 straight days and nights of rain.

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    Welcome Lurker! I think you'll enjoy it here since you like diapers and came across this website and got an account.

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