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    Hi everyone. Please call me Emeraude. I'm a woman who has just discovered this culture. When I'm not hanging out with my friends or boyfriend I love curling up with a good book. My favorite writer's Mark Twain.

    I was interested and kind of surprised to discover how many more "babies" there were than partners who like the mommy or daddy role in the AB/DL world. I guess I fall into the mommy category. I'm still kind of new, but it's nice to meet you guys.

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    Do you only enjoy reading!? What about music, and movies, other fascinating hobbies?

    I really dislike reading, in fact I find myself incapable to read 'most' books, since I literally feel nothing from them. Most books I have ever tried to read feel just like reading a boring textbook to me. I get the same amount of enjoyment out of both ;p


    Nice to meet you to, enjoy ^^


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    Oh sure, I like music. My favorite artists are currently Cee Lo Green and Lady Gaga. I also love shopping with my girlfriends. I could practically live at Old Navy. Anyway, nice to meet you too.

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    I love old navy! Twain is an interesting author, do you have anything along the lines if a favorite work from him?

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