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Thread: What albums are you listening to lately?

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    Default What albums are you listening to lately?

    What music are you guys listening to lately? I've been loving Mylo Xyloto, and their are a few tracks on Fallen Empires I'm really enjoying as well. I listen to Toxicity often, and Linkin Park's new underground album is great.

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    It's not exactly an album, but this is the only time of year I listen to it:

    Online Radio Player

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    Nirvana: Bleach, Incesticide, In Utero. But I recently got their "With the Lights Out" CD set, and I LOVE it!

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    Big bang... It's kpop... So catchy even though I can't understand it ^_^

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    Have to agree with RTR and Mastodon.

    Recently it's been Metallica's S&M album, Machine Head's Unto the Locust and Ill Nino's Revolution, Revolucion. eventually it will probably be Korn's The Path of Totality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pajamakitten
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    I was planning on seeing them live on the Defenders of the Faith III tour, later decided to save for Download festival instead.

    New Machine Head is fucking top-notch.

    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    ...Korn's The Path of Totality.
    Were you a fan of Korn before the run-up to this album?

    The band never really struck a chord with me till I heard tracks from the new album. I tend not to stray too far from conventional heavy metal, but I can't deny it's refreshing to hear metal that's heavy in different way than what I'm familiar with. Looking forward to it. Though I am a little concerned the tracks they have released are both Skrillex produced. Relying on his popularity a little too much for my liking. Just makes me suspect that the other-non Skrillex produced/ft. tracks must be a pile of wank.

    For those not in the know:

    "Narcissistic Cannibal"
    "Get Up!"
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