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    I'm interested in trying cloth diapers, but I don't know how many layers would work. What kind of cloth diaper I would need to match the absorption of a premium disposable diaper. I was looking on the Baby-Pants website and seen their 4x8x4 cloth diapers and want to know how sufficient it is compared to say like an Abena M/L4. How thick is it actually.

    I have bought Gerber 3 ply pre-folds to use as stuffers in disposables. I noticed that 3 layers is not as thick as i would like and don't see it having any use for an adult.

    I've also notice that Angel Fluff doesn't list their layers on their diapers. It only has heavy weight and ect.

    What kind of diaper would I need for a night time like cloth diaper.

    Any recommendations of online suppliers that have good absorbent diapers?

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    I wore Babykins/Kins flannel cloth pre-folds for years. Now it's disposables for me, for performance and hassle issues. That said, if I went back to cloth I'd try terry-lined diapers, or would layer 1-ply or 2-ply gauze or birdseye. For bed get diapers with coverage at the sides, perhaps a pull-up, because if you sleep on your side you're going to leak. I wear a terry-lined plastic pant from Kins over my diapers to catch leaks, but learned this trick after I changed to using disposables.

    Good luck. Buy a few to try before you make a major investment.

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    One of these will take anything you can throw at it. You'll need plastic pants, of course.

    LeakMaster Adult Prefold Cloth Diapers - Night Time Thickness

    As for look and feel, should be plenty thick for your fantasies. I tried doubling up once, but that was way too much.

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    Hi, MeTaLMaNN1983:

    The LeakMaster prefolds from are generally well-liked. My favorite, however, is the prefold from Changing Times (shown with a Snappi, though I use pins). The same diapers are sold in Canada by Rearz, and they also carry a snap-on version which I'll be reviewing shortly (should be here by Friday--finally!).

    The Changing Times/Rearz prefolds are wider than the LeakMaster prefolds, which helps with fit in many cases (with me, definitely!) and also makes it easier to use Snappis instead of pins. I also like the construction a little better. They are literally one giant "pre-folded" sheet of fabric, so there is no serging on the edges, only on the ends, which is exactly like baby/toddler prefolds. Some say this makes them more comfortable. I don't notice a difference. I just like that they look like my old toddler diapers.

    As for softness: Both types are reasonably soft after about a dozen washes. The LeakMaster gauze prefolds soften a little faster, but the material also pills quite a bit (this slowly goes away). The Changing Times/Rearz prefolds are a "tougher" material, and take a little more time. They also "quilt up" (gets wrinkly), which I like a lot. However, IMO, there's no such thing as "too soft." I use a little Ecover softener when I wash my diapers (it's reputed to be "diaper safe") and it makes both diapers feel AMAZING. I can't believe there isn't at least some small effect on the absorbency, but both diapers can absorb a couple of full wettings from me softened or not, so I'm very happy.

    EDIT: I should mention that the LeakMaster gauze prefolds do pin a bit easier. The so-called "diaper twill" used in the CT/Rearz diapers is very popular in baby diapers right now, in large part because it stands up well to Snappis, or is otherwise used without fasteners (e.g. in pocket diapers). Pinning it can sometimes require a little wiggling (or the soap trick). Doesn't bother me much. And, if you do soften the diapers, the pins will float right through regardless.
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    I bought some of the cotton gauze birdseye which are 4-8-4 from Baby Pants and found they work really well. Because they are gauze and not flannel they will last longer as flannel.

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    Do NOT get insanely thick cloth diapers. If you want super thick diapers, get a normal thickness Babykins and use stuffers. The reason is super thick cloth diapers are huge pain in the ass to dry. With cloth you can always add layers.

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    I'm very happy with my baby pants prefolds. Buy larger than you think you need - extra fabric can be folded down to provide more capacity. It does take a bit of practice to fasten cloth diapers so they will stay put. Plastic pants are also essential. Remember though - no diapering solution will ever be 100% leak-proof. The point is to keep things dry long enough to to get a diaper change. I've never been a huge fan of disposables, even though I have used them on occasion before I started buying some good cloth diapers, so I don't know how they compare in that regard. My current solution can handle 2-3 decent wettings before risking leaks.

    I personally love the snappi's - I have pins as well, and would love to have someone else pin diapers on me, but the snappi's are easier to adjust to get a nice fit while changing myself.

    Here's to wonderful cloth diaper days!

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    Just a quick note on Snappis: There is unfortunately no such thing as an adult-sized Snappi, which means that in order to use only a single Snappi as a baby/toddler would, you need either a small waist or an over-sized diaper. I have a 38" waist and fit very comfortably into the medium Changing Times prefolds, however a single Snappi comes nowhere close to reaching both back corners of the diaper when they are pulled forward. With a large, it's close. Just to amuse myself, I bought one XL prefold, and the Snappi works fine, however... that is just too much diaper for me! (has to be folded in and down a lot) Of course, one can use two Snappis on smaller diapers, but then any advantage over pins will be very small. As it is, I find I can get my diaper very snug with pins in under 20 seconds, so I don't fuss with the Snappis anymore.

    In short: If you want to try Snappis, go for it! But buy two of them, and some pins, as a backup.

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    I have a lot of experience with cloth diapers as I have worn them for my entire life. Currently I buy Purity 2 layer gauze. They are very comfortable and absorbant and long lasting. My waist size is 34". I buy the largest size that Adult Cloth Diaper has. That is 44"x44". They will shrink some but in using this size I can fold them to fit.

    As mentioned on a previous post here, you obviously need to wear plastic baby panties. I buy Comco, from They come in colors plus now they have a very cute ruffle butt rumba for us sissies! =)

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