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Thread: I need help remembering! D:

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    Question I need help remembering! D:

    Ok, so idk if this is where i should post this.. and why i said the most used intro to a new thread ever, but When i was in elementary school i used to play a game on the PS2.
    Anyway you where a warrior in like the underworld(i think X.x) and your enemys were skeletons and you had to fight a giant ogre at one point and your health determined your armor and if you lost your health you would just be in underwear. Thats the best i remember...
    BUT the reason im posting it here is because on one level there was a wizard that if he hit you with his magic you would turn into a baby for about 10 seconds.

    and idk why but its been driving me crazy trying to remember what this game was called D:!

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    Sounds a lot like Ghouls N' Ghosts. Apparently there's a game for the PS2 called Ghouls N' Ghosts Online, could that be it?

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    You are correct, Mysterious!! It was re-released on the SNES as Super Ghouls N' Ghosts!!

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    OMG i found it! it was called maximo ghosts of glory! its based off the ghosts n ghouls series. thank you so much!

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    You're welcome!! ^_^

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