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Thread: CAUGHT and cornered

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    Default CAUGHT and cornered

    well so i was hanging out at my friends house like i usually do showing a couple of my friends pictures of my california vacation when *ahem* a certian picture turned up that i swear had been deleted! DX trapped i told them alot about my DL side just so they wouldnt get the wrong idea that im some creepy pedophile. i swear explaining this topic to my good friends made me feel like that gray character in the corner with dark lines and lots of gray clouds that looks like he has seen better days .well they understood the general idea and took the news quite well but i think they still had questions, in turn though they dropped so heavy secrets too trying to help me feel more comfortable. i guess what im trying to ask iz what do i do from here?

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    Live life. Everything is fine. Your friends have accepted you and you them be happy and rejoice

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    It's a part of you. If they cannot except you, then they're not really good friends. It sounds as if they are willing to accept it, however, and that is wonderful!


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    Nice save my friend! That seems to have gone very well for you. You have good friends. Yes, be happy and don't feel awkward, I think you can just file this one away under "well done", even if it did happen by accident.

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    yup, you have dirt on them so if they cant tell anyone and they seem to accept it so everything is fine

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    Just don't bring it up! What's done is done, but there really isn't a need to take it any further! Just let bygones be bygones..I'm sure they're gonna do the same c:

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    Well it seems like it went as well as it could...sorry you had to go through that though! Sounds like you handled it well however. It took courage for you to stay and explain yourself, when you could have just clammed up, which would have been worse, as you stated, because then your friends likely would have assumed the worst. Let the chips fall where they may from this point, as others have said though it seems you have some great and understanding friends. Don't worry!

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    Thanks for the support everyone! Good to know i can have some support at such a harsh time ^w^"

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