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    Default Hey there!

    Heya, I'm LittleGirlLost!

    I'm here because I'm an abult baby who's fascinated with but never ever tried diapers - I've also never met or spoken to anybody into this before aside from my boyfriend (he's OK with me being into this, he reckons he could enjoy it too, but he's very new to it all).

    In my eyes, my boyfriend is wonderful, he's my hero - this (the AB/DL stuff) is the one thing I was really scared of telling him about, but I told him anyway, and it turns out I've been scared of nothing because he loves me the way I am (and vice versa) and he wants to try it out too.

    I've been interested in AB/DL stuff for a couple of years but never really expressed the little girl side of myself much before (only recently told boyfriend, he's new to it). I also noticed this place seems furry friendly - I like that, I'm a furry (feline).

    A few of my interests and hobbies include: raving, horse riding, animals, sewing / customising / altering clothes, arty stuff, I love a good debate, music, reading and much much more.

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    Hi, LittleGirlLost. Welcome to ADISC. That was a nice introduction, it's always good to find out some of the other interests a member has, besides just the AB/DL stuff. You, and your boyfriend, sound like interesting people. I look forward to reading your posts in the forums. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here. Take care and have fun.

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    Hello wonderful intro. Your like it here the people are nice and they answer a lot of questions

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    @ fifigal:
    I of course think he's lovely, it was just a huge relief to realize that I can talk to him about pretty much anything without him freaking out (fear of abandonment/rejection).
    As for interests, I forgot one thing - I hoard My Little Ponies, I'm a big fan.

    @ GoofyBenjamin:
    I'm really glad you think so.

    Thank you everybody for welcoming me.

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