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Thread: asking my bf to be my daddy

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    Default asking my bf to be my daddy

    so, the title basically says it all: how do i go about asking my bf to be my daddy? He knows that i am an AB and that i have a diaper fetish, and that i also like to be treated like a baby. He has also diapered me a few of the times he has been over and seemed really happy when doing it. I am not really good at giving subtle hints about things to people. I also dont really know how to explain to him what a "daddy" is.

    any advice i can get will help a lot!

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    Oh well I think he might have some idea what "daddy" means. But how about this, ask him if he wants to try? That way if he tries it it will definatly be easier to ask him. But don't push it on him just ask, and if he says 'no' then say "well if you change you mind..." and let the idea sink into his head, curiousity should begin to boil. Just an idea.

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    im just not really sure how to go about having him try it out. I know he is going to wonder what he has to do, and im not really sure what i should tell him.

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    I would say your first step would be to research what a daddy is exactly so that you are able to explain it in greater detail and with the least amount of problems.
    Considering your relationship with him I would say just ask him. If he says no it is not like you are going to through a fit and if he says yes you will be happy; like Sketchy said, do not push it on him.

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    You could try exsplaining it to me that would serve to purpouses to practice getting the words out and also to fill me in on the concept.

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    from a male standpoint of view, subtlety doesn't work, it just confudles us more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger View Post
    from a male standpoint of view, subtlety doesn't work, it just confudles us more.

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    Men don't get hints, not even subtle ones. Even if you're as subtle as a brick wall running through a glass building.
    Which can be really hard if you're the really shy baby type. It took me the span of two years to get to the point of telling my Fiance/Daddy that I'd like to try diapers. So, at least you started in a different direction? The Daddy part should be easy, you could even just be snuggling him and try whispering it and see how he reacts?

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    What do you want him to do when he babys you? If you want him to check your diapers, feed you a bottle, make your food, read you stories, put cartoons on for you, dress you, tell him that. Be upfront about it.

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    You could let him know what kind of things there are when it comes to daddying, and then tell him you'd like him to be your daddy sometimes. Tell him you can take it slow, that he can pick whatever he wants to try in stead of the other way around. Oh and just really make clear to him you'll stay gf-bf if he does want to be your daddy sometimes. I know I got pretty scared when my bf and I were talking about it that our whole relationship was going to be around AB and that he would only see me as his mommy and not as his girlfriend anymore... So I do think it's important you explain to him that you will still be his girlfriend, no matter what, and that you're just asking this because it can add something more to your relationship. Make sure he know he is allowed to say no. Good luck!

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