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Thread: I'm pleased to introduce myself...

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    Default I'm pleased to introduce myself...

    deneb22 or just deneb.

    I'm 26 years young, live with my girlfriend at an undisclosed location somewhere in the uk I make music and am in a couple bands, so i really enjoy that.
    Earl grey tea is the absolute bomb! I have a black kitten that does the daftest things to entertain us on the reg.
    pizza is a superfood in my opinion, as well as pie...

    I never really know what to say on these things, so i'll keep it short and say im an adult baby thats been putting it into practice for the last decade or so. Recently I told my girl and its currently going great .

    thank you.

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    Welcome to the community. "undisclosed location in the uk" makes me think of some underground military bunker with music and a piano in it, which is pretty awesome if you ask me (I play). Also yes, PIE is Delicious. I think you will like it here .

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    Pie is very amazing and superior to cake. Cats are also great mine bites my head what dose yours do?

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    Thank you kindly for the welcomes

    Good to see a fellow musician on here, what do you play?
    My cat does an all manner of things lol, plays fetch, sleeps in the curtains, nibbles on my nose and sometimes climbs the walls.

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