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Thread: Been in to diapers for a long time.....

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    Default Been in to diapers for a long time.....

    well as of 4 years ago i never told anyone that i like to wear diapers or even enjoy them (=K but as of last year my mom asked me one day why i had adult diapers in my backpack and i told her that i wanted too to wear them lol... and she didn't really understand me when i said this... she just said Anthony i think you are weird and you have problems... and i said to her mom ... we all have problems ya know... i don't walk around and tell people i am always in a good mood ya know i tell others the truth i don't hide from the fact that i like and enjoy diapers i just wont do it... if i like something i will let u know but i am not going to a butt wrinkle to everyone meet... i will treat everyone with respect same for everyone else if u disrespect me u know that u are going to get the same amount of disrespect in return..but i love everyone on this Earth that is good person and has a good head on their shoulders so with that i hope to hear more from you DL,s and AB,s soon take care ^_^

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    Great intro there's alot of awesome people on this site I really found myself here I'm sure you will too welcome to adisc bro

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    i dont think i would have the guts to tell my mom or anyone else for that matter but im glad to hear that you joined and that you enjoy the community! ^_^

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    Welcome to the group, I am new here also and egar to make new friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    Was this a typo?
    Calico, I think Mayorga meant, ' ... and I said to her, "Mom, we all have problems, ya know. "...

    Welcome to ADISC, Mayorga.

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