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Thread: Hello ADISC Crew!

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    Default Hello ADISC Crew!

    I am introducing myself! LOL Hello Captain Obvious!

    My name is Zorro Daddy ... Well that's my username, but in many ways it's more than that because it combines two thoughts:

    The Chivalry and Heroism in the actions of Zorro.
    The Altruism and Heart in the actions of a Daddy.

    I'm an author of ABDL romance novels and have been a Daddy-at-Heart since a young age. I stumbled across this site, not having visited it in a while, because of a video of a speech I gave at an ABDL Convention in April of 2011.

    One of the greatest experiences of my life and the deepest sense of worth and emotion I have ever felt came from having met, fell in love with and enjoyed the company of an AB Girl whom I will always hold dear to my heart and memories.

    I may have spent my entire life writing about the Daddy/BabyGirl Dynamic of Love, but I never would've known what it felt like until I lived and experience the depth of emotion attached to a connection that goes far deeper than anything that I have ever felt in vanilla relationships.

    I guess that's my intro.

    - Zorro Daddy

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    Hi ZorroDaddy, welcome. Glad to see you here. I know you'll be a wonderful mentor for some of the writers of stories here too.

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