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Thread: Hello All.

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    Red face Hello All.

    The name is Zack. I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm a diaper lover, a furry, a brony, and I consider myself bi-curious.

    I've been a diaper lover pretty much since I was out of diapers. I wet the bed for around a year when I was around 5. I often wore the diapers long after I woke up in the morning just because I liked the feeling. I pretty much wore them until my mom yelled at me to take them off.

    As far as my DL-ness now. I buy diapers online on very rare occasions. I mostly just buy them at CVS or Wal-Mart.. I've used only Depends when I store-bought diapers. However last night at around 3am (still embarrassing for me in Wal-Mart for some reason) I decided to try out Assurance. I never buy the pull-up style diapers. I was never a fan of them. So I picked up a pack of large fitted Assurance. I haven't multi-wet tested them yet (although I am about to), but as far as a wet before/after bed diaper, they're not bad. They're cloth backed, which is a con to me, but make up for it with the tapes. They are the velcro-ish sort of tapes like Pampers have, but they're not to strong that they're only refasten 3-4 times.

    When I buy online, I'll go for Abena Abri-Form L4. Classic, not that premium cloth-backed nonsense. I just buy them on Amazon because they're fairly reliable with shipping times. I still live with my parents so I only ever did the 1 day shipping while they're out for a weekend. Order them at the right time, they get here while I'm home alone.

    As far as the furry thing. I'm not really huge into furry/antro stuff other than the art. I'd like to get a fursuit, but I just don't want to spend $1.5k on something I'll wear 2-4 times a year. I'm not, repeat, not into yiff or any other sub-'fandoms' other than babyfurs and diaperfurs.

    Before I give a life story... Hello, and I hope to meet some nice people with common interest other than the obvious diapers. Diapers is just a plus. ;D

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    Welcome to the group. Your posts are well thought out and articulated. Have you considered writing some
    stories? Wearing diapers for childhood bedwetting is a pretty common theme around here. What kind
    of diapers did you wear for your bedwetting? Did you ever wet them on purpose?

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