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Thread: I leaft the recipt on the table

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    Exclamation I leaft the recipt on the table

    Oh crap... I bought a pack of tena slips and a pair of shaving razors (which surprisingly aren't related between them) I came back from the pharmacy at around 6:15 pm
    well, a couple minutes ago, at 9:15 I went downstairs to see what I could have for dinner, and guess what?... the recipt, clearly stating I bought tena diapers was there, on the table, in plain sight with the text pointing upwards. I have no idea of what to think... I was sooo stupid.. -.-

    If someone found it, I hope it was mom... if she did, she'll probably see that the time window, fits perfectly with the time I was alone at home.

    So, a little recommendation, if you buy them at the store, ALWAYS throw the ticket in your wallet ):

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    Why even bring it along with you... I always dispose of that unwanted evidence at the scene.

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    I had a very similar thing happen to me years ago. I was never confronted. I suppose that if I had been, I'd have shrugged and suggested that perhaps I was wrongly charged for part of somebody else's purchase. It happens sometimes.

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    I wouldn't worry about it, you might still get away with it

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    dont take the recipt, both are items you cant get money back on. best of not mentioning it and disposing the receipt.

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    Just to parrot everyone else, get rid of the receipt it's not like you'll be returning them anyway.

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    I never take a receipt. If they insist on giving it to me I'll just dispose of it in the nearest trash bin.

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    I kept my first receipt and stashed it somewhere like a trophy, but i guess it faded or i chucked it, dunno, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    I always dispose of that unwanted evidence at the scene.
    LOL! That makes you sound like the diaper bandit! LOL

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    I know guys, but I have the habit of just checking the money and then throwing the change and the recipt on my pocket >.<
    anyway, I didn't get a talk or anything, everything went on as it usually does.

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