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Thread: Am I crazy or just...?

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    Default Am I crazy or just...?

    So lately I've been wearing almost every night. I believe this has been due to stress what with finals and papers and presentations and what not. Thing is, since I'm going back to school I'm living with my rents. Usually they do not bother me when I am sleeping or when my door is closed, but there have been a few close calls. One is when my ancient mother couldn't remember my schedule and thought she needed to wake me up, another is when my dog decided to go to the park and not come back when my mom called for her. Luckily I have not been discovered during these situations. Is it crazy to continue this pattern knowing the potential risks involved?

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    Yes if you aren't taking any necessary precautions, only wear when you can essentially guarantee not being caught, not always possible I know but if you are just being lazy about not being caught then that is pretty stupid.

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    It all depends on how bad you think things would go if you did get caught. If you think being caught would mean that you would have to move and make new friends I would say absolutely not. Personally I sleep wearing every night along with some other sissy type apparel, and I avoid being caught by setting my alarm clock early. If you're like me to and you hate getting up it gives you an incentive to get out of bed .

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    Well are you normally a good morning person? Or do you take time to get going?

    I ask because I've had some similar close calls, i.e. Brother throwing my door open one morning to wake me up, me wearing diaper and t-shirt, paci in, bear cuddled . My head faces away from my door so paci went under the pillow in a stretch, and the bear was slid under the covers...and I just sat there talking with him until he left.

    Your blanket functions well as a barrier, so just make sure that you can effectively hide beneath it. Also consider big flannel pj bottoms and a oversized t-shirt for sleep, as it helps if they rip the sheets off ya. And if they ask why you're not getting out of bed as soon as they wake you, either act groggy, or claim to be sleeping naked from the waist down

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    Murphy's law "If anything can go wrong, it will" Don't do it.

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    I suppose I am a morning person now ever since wearing to bed has changed my routine but before I was definitely not a morning person. On weekends though I wake up around 10am. I've had one close call, but of course my covers were over everything and I just yelled in my "I don't want to wake up voice" a rather unlike me "get the hell out" which worked fine.

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    This brings to mind a cliche' I've heard. Chance favors the prepared mind. That is to say, if you are wearing while living with your rents and not taking precautionary measures to ensure that you do not get caught, then chances are you will eventually GET caught.

    Be prepared and take measures to ensure you stay undiscovered and you should be fine.

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    I usually wear some sort of sport/sweat shorts over my diaper and a night shirt, and I don't have to hide them. If you're going to wear, you need to be more prepared *said like Jackie Child from Seinfeld*. You've dodged way to many bullets. My guess is that the next one has your name on it.

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    Thing is...I believe I am taking precautions I feel I need to take in this current environment. I am up early (around 7 for me) so I can get ready and go intern. That's usually 4 days a week unless something pops up. I get padded at night when I go to bed (no one ever bothers me at night, if I believed anything to 100% certain that would be one of them) and change in the morning before I get ready. It just concerns me when something out of the ordinary happens (like my dog deciding to go to the park and not coming back lol). In these instances my mom wakes me up with good reason. Also if I don't need to intern or have a work meeting instead and thus get up later, she once came in to get me up at my regular intern time (she's been described as the "caretaker" type). I have my blankets on me and stuff in the morning, so I would just lay there and say ok and she would leave. Guess I'm just concerned about the what ifs more than what has actually happened. What if I was on top of my blanket or what if she bursts in when I am changing? Maybe I'm a lil too paranoid...

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