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Thread: Girls XL Goodnights from Walgreens

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    Default Girls XL Goodnights from Walgreens

    This is my third post on the topic in the span of a week, as its been leading up to tomorrow, where for the first time I will be buying diapers and I am quite excited! I will be at a Walgreens where I will get girls XL Goodnights. I am a boy, with a 32 inch waist, and I love the feeling of a girly-looking pullup. Does anyone have any last minute advice or suggestions about anything related to the purchase? otherwise, wish me luck!!!!!

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    Sounds like you're all set.

    Do they have Self-Scans at Walgreens? If so, opt for them. If not, stay calm and g'luck!

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    Good luck! (You won't need it, though; everything will be fine!)

    I don't believe Walgreens has self-scans. None of the ones near me do, and they're fairly new. But getting used to buying from person is a skill best learned quickly (just like ripping off a band-aid quickly is less painful).

    About the girl diapers: When I bought my first Pampers at around age 13, I bought the girls kind to make it obvious that they weren't for me (silly, in retrospect, as the fact that they were baby diapers ought to have been sufficient!). As it turned out, I got kind of hooked on the girl diapers, and ended up buying them several more times before they were discontinued. I guess there was a bit of "sissy" in me at one point!

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    Yes as far as purchase goes you should use a self checkout if it is available. If you are nervous about making the purchase (like I was), make a fake shopping list with a few other items you could use. If you buy something else like shampoo or soap people will tend to think your shopping for your parents.

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    bring something to fidget with. your phone, a little pocket puzzle, etc.
    it'll help you to focus your attention on something so that you can blame your distractedness on it.

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    zakroo has a really good idea ^_^ using a phone would be perfect, text your friends about stuff to ease your mind on the mission you are doing

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    I just got a 20 pack of girls Goodnites at K-Mart yesterday, and it was truly worth it, I did get a bit nervous though.

    What might help, is to put a larger bill, like a $20, in your pocket. Then when the cashier is done scanning the pack pull it out, as if though your mom/dad gave you the bill, and you just stuck it in your pocket, to make it seem like it is someone else's money. Then if you decide to get another item, such as gum,chips, soda, etc. After the cashier gives you the receipt, give her the other item, and pull out your wallet and pay. Hopefully this will make the whole thing look as if you are buying it for someone else.

    Hope this wasn't to complicated, cause in my head it sounded like it was, and good luck!!!!!

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    The cvs in downtown crossing in between south station has the self check out I used to get diapers there lol might be easier for you / less embarrassing

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    I wouldn't worry about a thing. If the cashier even notices (most could care less what you are buying) then you have the easiest mental alibi in the world! Just remember, your mom sent you in the pharmacy to get your sisters bed time pants. EASY EASY EASY, you don't have to say a word to anyone. Just go in a pick them up. If I was the cashier I would feel bad that your mom sent you in to buy diapers, the idea of a boy coming in and buying girls goodnights for him is the last thing in my head...

    P.S. I am from Boston too (well, Lowell really...) but now live in Dubai. Good Luck!


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    The first couple times are the hardest. Even if you get diapers that are plausibly for you, most cashiers really don't pay that close of attention to particular items, and don't really care even if they do notice. Their job is to get customers through the line as quickly as possible. Some places are even timing the process - especially on the express checkout type lines...

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