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Thread: The ABC club (UK)

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    Default The ABC club (UK)

    Ok, soooo my 18th birthday is coming soon (February), and I hear the ABC is open on the 3rd of every month, so I was thinking I'd go there on the 18th as a kind of birthday it...worth doing this? Is anyone else thinking of going then? I've heard it's got a really sexual vibe (heh, 'sexual vibe'...) there, based on past threads it sounds like maybe the wrong place for me. I'm a girl, which adds to the worry. I'd be going with someone else, and part of me is super duper excited to meet a bunch of ABs...but another part of me is super duper nervous it'll be full of pervy, creepiness. Anyone got any info? The more detailed the better, really.

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    I also want to know what it's like. it'd be cool if there were people we kinda know going make it less awkard I guess. It seems like a pretty cool place to hang out, but I'm also kinda worried that it'll be all sexual and stuff. Bit worrying, honestly :s

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    I've only been twice, and had two very different experiences during those two times:

    The first time, i went with ..err..about 4 AB friends, most of whom had been to the ABC a few times before and thus knew people there. Plus it was the December meet, and it was rather crowded. Since it's a place to socialize, my friends would often walk off to talk to/greet some of their friends, which made me stand around there alone some of the time. Not to mention there seemed to be a bunch of shady/creepy people around. Some old dude was constantly staring at anyone reasonably younger than himself (including me). Then there was at least a dozen people who wore just a diaper and maybe a t-shirt, and let's not talk about this group of like 10 people grabbing/poking some guy's male parts in a corner. In other words: It seemed like a fetish night where most people considered diapers a sexual thing, and I felt a bit out of place there in my sleeper.

    The second time (last month's ADISC meet) was in October - not a busy time for tourism itself, and not very busy at the ABC either. So less people = less creeps. Plus I went with a group twice the size, and most of those people had never been to the ABC before and thus didn't know anyone else. So our group mostly stuck to ourselves, which makes it less likely to be left alone and stared at by random creeps. The majority of people actually had their pants or a sleeper on and didn't parade their diapers, which made that night more of an AB night. We actually got to spend a lot of the time hugging/cuddling or playing with the (limited amount of) toys rather than being greeted by man parts on display. And I only noticed one shady dude constantly hanging around in front of the changing rooms.

    In other words: It's a bit of a game of luck to have an enjoyable time at the ABC, it seems. If you're lucky, you'll find a more AB-minded crowd or people who just want to have a drink with fellow ABs. On other days, the fetish crowd may be prevalent and things drift more towards the sexual side of things. At least you shouldn't go there if you're not ready to accept that some people may consider their diapers sexual.

    Plus I have no clue how well girls do in there. As far as I can remember, there weren't any girls on the two occasions I went. I'd suggest only going with a decently sized group of friends who can protect you if needed, and to wear pants/a sleeper.


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    I've never been but if I were you I'd go with a few people and certainly with other guys there who will have your back if anyone creepy comes along. I'm guessing whoever goes there will vary from day to day but it never hurts to be on the safe side. Most people will probably be fine but there could just be one guy who causes problems for everyone.

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    I'm not from the UK, thus I have never been to this place. But I'd just like to say, that I am in the same mindset as you are.

    Online I hear all of these things about meetups and social AB/DL events. Sometimes I think : "Wow, that could be fun. Maybe at some point I'll go to one." My girlfriend has said in the past that she would be willing to go to one with me. But then I start thinking : "What about creepy people? Will there be some creep in a wet diaper that keeps pestering my gf to change him?". There is actually no way to know how it will go, and I don't want to go to one and have a terrible experience. As it sits, I'd have to catch a plane and find accomodations so it's not exactly cheap.

    I've never been to that place, but with most things regarding this fetish, there will most likely be creeps. Also, since you are a female, you need to keep a close watch on what people around you are doing. There is a threat to both males and females, but I would consider a female to be at higher risk with all of those horndogs around... Well, I hope you figure things out and have a very enjoyable time at that place. Hopefully your night isn't ruined by a pile of creeps who won't stop hitting on you!


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    Most meets tend not to have creepy people Ronbeast. Most meets are just that, meets. They rarely have any overt baby play. (The last UK meet was the only one with any AB stuff, even just talking about it, and that was only because we went to the ABC). With out overt baby play, the creeps either stay quiet, or just don't go. Most people who go to Meets don't want creeps around, they just want to hang out with like minded people, kick back and have a laugh, maybe make some friends (or hang out with friends if they've been before...). Creeps tend to get forced out of these situations pretty quickly. Especially if someone was pestering your GF, I'd suspect he'd be asked to leave pretty quickly.

    As for the ABC, I'm not sure that's a good idea for an 18th thing, it is a little weird, but it is basically a bunch of guys hanging out in padding, and chatting. There is some ab play (and cuddling! ) but it depends on how comfortable you'll be in acting little in front of others. It's harder then you think, I found it very hard.

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    iv been wanting to go for ages but dont want to go on my own. sounds fun, nothing more fun than a room full of ab/dls :-) londons a great place for a day out aswell. (might have to start my own club here in kent hehe)

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    I've been to the ABC a number of times with (my now) wife. Try and go with someone you know and trust beforehand so you don't feel uncomfortable walking in. My wife and I are very socially comfortable people and had no problem on that front, but we were still wary. I will admit that one time when we were down there there was a creepy guy, but security was on him and got him out of there. The place itself isn't very babyish. It's a cellar thats been converted into a private club under an old pub. In fact, if you go early you can hang out in the pub upstairs and see who is there. That's what we did when we went; we're both Canadian, so we acted like a couple of tourists just hanging out having a pint. We saw a few people with backpacks and we laughed knowing full well they were people's ab supplies. We must have done a good job acting because one of the guys blocked us on our way down to the ABC and said 'Woa woa woa you're not supposed to be down here'. We let him know what we were there for and he laughed and let us in. All the people from upstairs looked at us like "Um... You're AB's?", and the rest of the night was a blast!

    There is a large gay demographic there, and very few girls. The ages seem to be 19-35 for the most part, but there are even a couple of 40+ people there. Everyone was VERY friendly and fun. I never saw any overt sexual stuff going on, but there was the occasional prodding of a diaper to see how you were doing. Everyone was incredibly respectful of my wife, and never did anything 'untowards'. Saying all this, the ABC would not be my first choice if this is your first meet-up with other abdl's. I would opt for one of ADISC's meetups first. It's much more controlled, and the organizers take great strides to make sure people have been checked out a bit.

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    I too have been so many times to the ABC Club and sometimes im lucky to have friends there and then there is sometimes I don't, but it can be very hard to make a intro to others because like myself I don't like to walk upto someone and say hi *very shy* but the last couple of times when I did go was just standing around and having a drink with some friends I know there... Best thing what I did personally I had a onesie with my ab name on it and people will come upto me and start to chat, but then again when people dont chat to me there I feel in my thoughts that I done something wrong or upset them. (random thoughts)

    The owner of ABC is very caring and if you needing a nappy/diaper change they will help you out.

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    ABC's had me curious before but I wouldn't go alone and I have no abdl friends plus it seems like it's more where gay guys meet up to get frisky in diapers which is fine, just not my cuppa. If there were some nice birds into abdl I'd be much more interested.

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