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    Hello, I am new here. I like reading,watch TV, and target shooting.I have read many fanfics,however not a good beta. I do not have time to"beta" fics,plus not good at gramer.I have lots of ideas, some fics middles unfortuanely only middles.The Authors i like are: Anne McCraffrey,Robert Heiglan,Moon,Webber,early Clancy,Drake, and many others.The shows I like are:Grimm, Property Brothers,Holmes Inspection,Kitchen Impossible,Cold Case, plus others.As to shooting I prefer Black Powder Muzzle Loading pistols and rifles. I also shoot crossbows. I hope this helps, not sure what else to put down.

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    hi welcom here
    I like target shooting as well and have a Savage 111 package gun in though I'm on my way to getting my licence to have a pistol. I want a cap and ball revolver. I also like to go deer hunting.
    stay on target

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    Welcome aboard, eddbear! I hope you find what support you're looking for here. ADISC is a friendly group.

    I have a very nice replica Hawken long rifle that I've enjoyed taking to the ranges a few times, though I don't go target shooting as often as I would like. Most of the shooting I do anymore falls inside of either deer season or duck season, and I've only ever hunted with modern firearms. One of these days, I should take the Hawken out for black powder deer season and pretend I'm Daniel Boone.

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