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    Have anyone try this brands below and if so can tell how they are.
    Attends Breathable Briefs
    Attends Briefs
    Home Choice Briefs
    Reassure Maximum Briefs
    Dry Comfort Briefs
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    Attends breathable briefs suck; the tapes don't stick for more than 5 minutes. If you can find attends waistband briefs, they are fantastic in my opinion. Softest plastic ever (softer than any bambino or abena anyways), thick and very absorbent, rare leaks, quiet yet with a distinct crinkle, and not too expensive.

    Tena, home choice, and reassure briefs are good but not great; not too different than most standard diapers like attends and only marginally better than store brands or depend. At the right price they are great, but for what they are you might as well just go cheap and get store brands.

    Tranquility is a bit of a wild card in my opinion. They are very popular among ABs and incont people alike. I however have not had good experiences with them. They are kinda thick, but not overly and certainly not a miracle of absorbancy. Their plastic is the loudest I have seen and they do not breath at all. I have also had trouble with their tapes but this is not a common problem. Most likely though, they will be a bit more absorbent than most of the others you mentioned but they are also most expensive.

    Everyone has different experiences with different briefs. Different brands are shaped differently as are humans; some brands are just naturally better for some people over others. If you can get sample packs, then I would just to see what works for you. Everything you listed is in the medium range of adult diapers and they all will be about the same in overall absorbancy, size, and cost. Unless you have tried several of them and know what works for you, I would stay clear of any major purchases of any of these.

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    Ive heard great things about the tranquility ATN.

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    I don't pay for this my doctor give 6 month Prescription because got medical problem with bladder and this only one can get at moment what normal amount 240 a month. So need diaper that going hold day and night sine I wear all time for bladder problem.

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    Attends Breathable Briefs
    Horrible, the tabs would rip from the diaper and I had to use tape. They also wouldn't stick.

    Attends Briefs
    Okay but they are not good anymore as they used to be.

    These are great and they hold a lot but sometimes tabs rip from the diaper so I have to use tape. They fit like underwear and they are easy to conceal under your clothes.

    The ATN ones worked great and they hold a lot. I would like to try them again. I was able to wear them under my jeans that are not too loose on me.

    Dry Comfort Briefs
    These worked fine and held good too.

    I would go for the ATN ones since those are the greatest I think.

    You can try wearing two tenas at night. These worked great with my ex who was also incontinent. But the Attends sucked on him because they easily leaked on him out the front because he is a guy and where his penis is. He viewed those diapers as they were more for women than men since they pee in the middle and men pee in the front.

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