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    I want know how hard is to use cloth diaper wear disposable now but want to go to cloth diaper instead however I talk mom but she think it would be pain to wash them each weekend. Since we only go to laundry mate each weekend however I know there better for planet. It also cost less to wear but how hard it on up keep pair to wear disposable diapers.

    I really what switch but I need to know it not going to be nightmare wear them pair what using now were just toss use diaper away.

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    There are a lot of different kinds of cloth diapers. Was there a specific diaper you were thinking of? All-In-One (AIO) cloth diapers go on just like a disposable and have a waterproof cover built in. They are very easy to use, but more expensive to get started with. They also wear out a bit sooner. Other cloth diapers generally require plastic pants or covers. Here's an article that discusses the various types of cloth diapers in detail.

    I'd recommend washing your cloth diapers every 2-3 days. Especially if you're using cloth diapers 24/7, they'll pile up quickly and won't smell nice at all! Also, it's not good for the fabrics to stay wet/messy for long periods or they'll wear out faster. Of course, there's no reason why you can't wear cloth diapers part-time (e.g., within a few days of laundry day). You wouldn't have to buy as many, washing wouldn't be as much of a pain, and you could see if they're for you. Just a thought.

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    Well it may be tough to do cloth sine I can't go to laundry mate alot just once weekend when my mom need do wash day.

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    Having to use a laundry will be a problem. I live in my own house and it has a laundry room with a washer and a dryer. I wash my diaper out in the shower in the morning and then hang it to dry in the far reaches of the basement. Then once a week I gather them and wash them in the washing machine. It should be noted that I have to run them through the dryer twice, and this is on the long cotton setting because cloth diapers are thick and take a long time to dry. I think this would be a big problem at a laundry mat, and you would use a lot of quarters.

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    I think if I didn't have my own washer and dryer I wouldn't be making my own cloth diapers.
    Running to a laundry mat would cost a lost to do.

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    True your right. I thinks disposables are the cheap route to go with the low cost pair to wash them at mat.

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    I wore cloth diapers for years, finally giving up because of the washing hassle. The reason wearing cloth was once acceptable, and then not, is because when I wore them I lived in a suburban setting and contracted with a diaper service to wash them for me. This was a diaper service that primarily washed baby diapers and hospital laundry, but they were happy to remove my wet diapers twice a week ands return to me clean diapers wrapped in plastic.

    Moving to the country I no longer had that service and washed my own diapers in my own machines. That was not supportable as it put a lot of strain and wear on my machines, so I swithched to disposables. I am left with lots of cloth diapers, which I have sold from time to time on EBay.

    Check out your Yellow Pages for a local diaper service.

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    I wash a full diaper pail everyday. Adult diapers take up a whole lot more room than a baby diaper. I like cloth for the envirionment, they don't leak, especially at the sides at night and I am from the cloth diaper wearing generations =)

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