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Thread: Big, big problem!

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    Default Big, big problem!

    I have a major problem in Windows XP and it just keeps getting worse since it started, about six months ago.

    Symptoms are as follows (there are a LOT):
    Note, any or all symptoms can be displayed.

    -Firefox window goes black on refresh
    -Windows are corrupted when refreshed if opened before symtpoms started occuring
    -Applications fail to start or elements are corrupted when the window is refreshed or opened, this includes Explorer windows
    -ERROR_OUTOFMEMORY (code 14) Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.
    -Can not select tasks which are grouped in the taskbar
    -No right-click
    -No pop-up descriptions
    -Can not save things
    -Burner is "not ready"
    -When switching to another window, sometimes a completely random window will also be displayed
    -When something in a menu is clicked, that will remain when clicked and will not disappear until resolution is reset (see picture)
    -Error creating window.
    -Error creating window handle.
    -Unreal Tournament crashes and BSOD: 0x000000EA (0x8A25ADA8, 0x89E71238, 0xBACE3CBC, 0x00000001) nv4_disp infinite loop
    -12 minutes to boot OS!


    A window missing most of it's elements:

    A window missing some of it's elements:

    Static menus!? (This is a new problem):

    BSOD: (very large image)

    Another problem that popped up when I connected my phone!!

    Help please?

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    Jesus Christ, what did you do to Windows?? I would suggest you try backing up whatever you can and reinstalling. I've never seen anything like that before, whoa.

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    What Swamp Thing said. You could try googling your symptoms and hitting F8 on boot -> restoring last known good configuration. But if that doesn't work, it'll be less work to backup and reinstall, plus you'll know for sure the problem is gone..if it's a software problem.

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    I've reinstalled many times but this hasn't fixed the problem. When I get my burner back I will be moving to Vista on a clean slate.

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    One of four options:
    1. Get a new computer. Or build a cheap one for temp use.
    2. Try and Install Vista (Recommended)
    3. Try Linux
    4. Take everything out and put it back together bit by bit and see what happens.

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    Reinstalling hasn't fixed it? Hmm, what are your specs? I can tell you right now if Vista will run smoothly.

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    Lol, Windows...

    Uh, but seriously, I doubt there's much that you can do to fix that if reinstalling it doesn't work. You could try and do a whole system restore. I don't know a whole lot about Windows seeing as how I ditched a month after I got it because it was non stop problems like this.

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    Vista is a resource hog, I'm not sure I'd recommend it if your hardware isn't very recent. I say download a Linux livecd and boot from it. See how it runs.

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    How long have you had this computer for. I think you need a new one, the hard drive must have a defect...


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    Actually it looks like a really bad Trojan embedded on your HDD, I see your downloaded music folder, you may have downloaded a nasty virus from whatever P2P program you use.

    (I could be wrong of course >.> )

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