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    Default CB radios

    I was just wondering if anyone else likes to use CBs for fun?

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    Well it is a form of radio communications.

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    I've used them to communicate when off-roading, it's a lot easier than yelling to other drivers. My dad and I might get our HAM radio licenses too; the range is incredibly far for a small handheld device, way better than the CB's we have around.

    Sometimes we'll pick up radio chatter from helicopters and trucks, or bounces from the massive CBs in Mexico.

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    I have a CB, but seldom use it anymore. It has two nice channel up/down selector buttons right on the mic. When I bought it, it was set to the FCC required 4 watts. I bout a Wilson antenna and had it peek and tuned using standing wave ratio. End result: it is now able to broadcast at 14 watts. I can be heard for several miles away! When I moved from Ohio to Wisconsin, I used a 26' moving truck. I mounted my CB in the cab and placed the antenna on the car roof and it was really fun!!!

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    I thought they died in the 70s! I did use them back then.

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    Never owned a CB myself, but Grandpa was real big into them... when I was a kid he had several , with cables, antennas & speakers strung all over his house, a minimum of four going at once all on different channels at high volume, and a few large antennas in his back yard, at least one of which was motorized to where he could point it whatever direction with a dial in his kitchen. We used to go to "Hamfests" together. I used to hear all about skip, sun cycles, CQDX! , the art of projecting your voice. Oddly, he always discouraged me from getting into CB / Ham radio... I think for him it was an obsession that he may have felt took too much of his time. He must not have realized that I had a <little obsession> of my own, heh. Those were the days.

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    I think I have my old CB radio somewhere in the basement. Like Nam Repaid said, I used mine back in the '70s. I raced cars back then and we'd all communicate to warn each other as to where "Smokey" was. Listening to the chatter was really interesting.

    My in-laws had (and still do) a cottage 200 miles north of Toronto, and my wife, kids and I would go up with them in the summer, our car following theirs. We communicated back and forth using the CB. We'd leave early in the morning, around 4:30. This was my father in law's idea. We left one year, early, with the kids asleep in the back seat, the car packed to the gills, and we had the dog. As I pulled out, I had the CB on, only to hear a hooker soliciting male truck drivers on her CB. I turned the volume down as to not wake the kids, but the conversation was most interesting.

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    HAM radio operators were the equivalent of today's amateur computer enthusiasts. Had an amateur license and rig back in the late 60's, then puberty hit and I discovered 'other things'. Could probably still pound out some Morse code if I had to.

    There are a couple of mobile CB units on a shelf somewhere in my basement.

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