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    Anyone else think IJustine is an Adult Baby? Quite a lot of her behaviour seems quite littleish and she does like a lot of little stuff etc? Just curious?

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    I had to google her, haha.

    Honestly, without really knowing who she is, it is very hard to say, but I think it would be very unlikely. Sure, there is a chance, but without actually physically knowing this person, it is impossible to tell. I'll read up on her a bit, but I don't think my point of view will shift either bit.


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    I did just watch a few of her videos and read a few of her blog entries, and I do agree that she is quite child-like. However, I believe that if she did have that AB side to her, she'd probably hide her childishness more.

    So she's probably just a silly young woman.

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    I know her from Shane Dawson. Anyways I would agree but then again alot of girls are a little babyish shes just a little more. Wouldn't it be great if she came out and represented us, or if she is already on this site reading this thread right now... *creepy*

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