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Thread: Thanksgiving menus!

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    Default Thanksgiving menus!

    So we're getting close to Turkey Day! My cooking list is currently sitting at:

    Turkey: 21 lbs, apple cider brine (48 hours*) and apple cider marinate, honey-mustard butter
    Dressing: Italian and Pumpernickel breads, onions, mushrooms, apples, bacon
    Mixed Veggies: New Jersey white sweet potatoes, carrots, onions- all roasted with the turkey
    Mashed Potatoes: Yukon golds, cheddar, sour cream, margarine, bacon, gravy
    Sweet Potatoes: wedges roasted with cumin, sour cream/lime/chipotle tabasco dipping sauce
    Gravy: stock made from scratch from roasted turkey wings/necks/giblets and veggies, cooked with a roux
    Cranberry Sauce: sadly, canned (OceanSpray whole berry)
    Pie: Blueberry-Cranberry (hat tip to my fiancee) w/ vanilla ice cream

    In the dressing/stuffing debate, I'm in the dressing camp. I like baking my dressing in its own pan. I reserve the turkey pan for roasted vegetables. I'm also against the idea of stuffing in the bird- you need to sacrifice either moistness or food safety to cook stuffing in the bird properly. So I go the dressing route by process of elimination.

    Haven't yet decided to tackle making my own cranberry sauce. Also, people who don't have whole-berry sauce make me want to cry.

    *The turkey happens to be bathing right now, in fact.

    What's everyone putting on the table this Thursday?

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    Thursday is Schnitzel and fries-day at the work cafeteria. I guess that's what I'll have.

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    I will be eating paper and drinking some ink because I'm a printer and we don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

    Two kinds of ink!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point View Post
    I will be eating paper and drinking some ink because I'm a printer and we don't celebrate Thanksgiving.

    Two kinds of ink!
    :O Colour ink and black ink!

    Seriously though. We're past Thanksgiving here, so I could tell you what was to be had...but I can't really remember. I'm kind of zoned in my writing right now.

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    Im currently in three process of baking three pumpkin pies from scratch.

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