So I'm more interested in the loss of control than I am in AB/DL. But if I was as comfortable being diapered in public as I am in diapers I'd be a happy man.

I'm not frosty, I'm almost always very warm. I'm like a heater. Im not 46. I'm class of 00. I got an easy job in a hospital. I love it. I live in so cal. I'm right near the water and I like to ride my bike there. I like to swim when it's hot. I like to read articles, hear about new things, but I can't stand reading books. I like tv and video games. I'm more into call of duty and racing games than I am rpg games. I like treyarch better than infinity ward so mw3 was a bummer, but I'm playing that a lot.

So I've read a few threads here and would have posted earlier, but didn't want to post without the introduction. But I didn't want to do one. But I did it now, so I guess I can post now.