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Thread: New appreciation for Incontinent people and Good quality diapers

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    Default New appreciation for Incontinent people and Good quality diapers

    Today I thought it would be fun to wear as much as I could all day and limit myself to only going potty in my diaper with the exception of poopies because I was around people.

    I was shocked at how fast I filled up my first diaper, to the point where it ended up leaking and I needed to change and run damage control for my chair. Since then I have only become more surprised about how fast I would go through this CVS store brand diaper if I wore them all the time. I did drink more water today than I do on a normal weekday so that might help but I soaked quite a few of these in quick succession. I am looking forward to my next opportunity to wear like this so I can see just how much the new bambino diaper can take and how it feels to sit in those all day by comparison.

    Just wondering if anyone else has come to similar revelations about diapers. I expect that the people who choose to wear 24/7 probably are laughing as they read this so my question is more directed towards people still living at home who only get to wear from time to time. =D

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    Butterfly Mage


    I can't deal with anything less than Attends. The CVS (and other store brands) just aren't up to snuff.

    It's probably not healthy, but I tend to stay on the low side of proper hydration so that I don't urinate as often.

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    The first time I tryed tranquility ATNS i was dumbfounded how much more they held compared to CVS.

    I literally couldnt get them to leak the first time, because I had never stayed in a diaper that long (none of the store brands you can stay in long) so It was interesting.

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    Having a high quality diaper is paramount to a quality day! Leaking SUCKS!

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    Amen! Using 'cheap' diapers, I might as well just wad up some toilet paper. If you are using Binos for your trial and wear them until it's actually time to change or risk leaks, then you will probably go thru about 3-4 per 24hrs. Could be 2-3 if you aren't a heavy wetter. Cheaper diapers averaged 5+ per day. I spent more time looking for places to change than I did getting anything done. The "lowest" quality I will go to is ATN now but I hate their odor control. I used to work with Assurance but they changed their diaper so now it's pretty worthless. The older ones were fairly decent with about 4 changes a day. The Dry24's, AUP's I go thru 3 a day (regular use on average). Moli's, Bambinos, M4 is 4-5 but I usually add an extra because the clumping shows under my clothes. ATN was about 5+.

    My daily changes are 9am, around 3pm, 8pm and 11p. I can usually get away with missing the 3pm if I really lower intake and have stayed very busy in the day. If I am drinking normally, not really limiting or playing it goes up 1-2 especially in the evening/night

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    I'm one of the '24/7 people' by choice and agree that it's surprising just how quickly you can end up needing to change. It's one of the reasons I don't quite understand why so many people seem to want to become incontinent.

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    I'm guessing that most of the people who claim that they want to be incontinent haven't even tried it out for a day and are just looking for an easy excuse to wear diapers.

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    It's true having to wear all the time does really change a lot of things. You quickly learn the good and bad diapers, when to change, and where to change when you are out. Now when I am home I don't worry as much and will use lesser quality diapers because if I leak or have to change more often it's no big deal.

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    Nope. I'm still stuck with Walgreens brand.

    Oh well, I'll be living alone within 2 years (hopefully) & be able to order online.

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    I wear 24/7 and when I wore disposables 24/7, I didn't need to change changed that much, I just wore plastic pants to make them last longer. Now I have decided to not use cheap brands to save money and I would rather use better brands like tenas or Bambinos or Molicare or ATN, Abri. Medline ones suck because they leak after I have them on for a couple of hours so I have decided I should double diaper up with them until they are gone. I am surprised how good the Walgreens brands are. At least Tenas hold and they have rarely leaked but some diapers are defective. I find if I have tenas on snug, they leak less.

    But I am a cheap woman and will fill her diaper up with pee before she changes.

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