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    ok so I just got word that the zombies have found our website and Im not gonna stick around for when they do get here.

    *hides behind fort made of pillows* theyll never find me here, but now Im bored..... who wants to join my survival team?

    and on another note do you think you would make it through an apocolypse? if not how do you think you would go?

    as for myself Im too much of a caring person Id probably get nailed trying to save a schmuck that would leave me to rot

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    Define apocalypse. If the world as a whole is going to meet a catastrophic end the I don't think anyone would have the means to survive except maybe some scientists in space. However is there's something that destroys mankind's societal infrastructure and regresses us all to some post-apocalyptic stone age, then I certainly believe my boy scout survival skills and hard-headed tenacity would keep me alive for much longer than the average joe. But there's always the unexpected. I could be walking along a piece of rubble and have it collapse on me or I could end up being attacked/jumped/mugged by a survivor gang. either way seems the most plausible for me to go out.

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    Sure I live in the woods half the time any way, less people just means I wouldn't have to be afraid as much.

    P.S BigKid25 what troop were you in? Here's a shout out from Troop 178!

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    I'll join! *jumps behind pillow fort*

    A sort of hobby of mine is figuring the best way to survive a zombie apocalypse, I do think I have a fair chance. If that kind of event was to take place and I died, I don't think it would be as likely for me to die from the zombies, but from hypothermia, or some serious illness or injury... or some fool waving around a gun he has no idea how to use. Zombies are only half the danger it would seem, so it would likely be an accident or something.

    My plan in a nutshell is to pack up and GTFO of the city. Head somewhere where the zombies will have a hard time finding and getting to us (mountains; sound bounces, air currents change, plenty of high ground, and hard for a zombie to walk through) and then live off the land. Keep warm, well fed, healthy as possible, and as comfortable as one can be in the woods. And then, after a few months, we could go back and check it out. It's likely they won't survive that long, after all, they are just human bodies. However, if not, we go back to surviving until the cities are clear (and the scavengers clean up, of course).

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoofyBenjamin View Post

    P.S BigKid25 what troop were you in? Here's a shout out from Troop 178!
    I think ours was 315...maybe...crap...I need to find my uniform...

    I'M IN!! I love horror movies! Love Halloween! Zombie movies are the best. I think I'd survive a pretty long time. I live out in the middle of nowhere ('s about a mile drive to the neighbors house). Plus I keep my house pretty well armed.

    *Jumps behind pillow fort*

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