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Thread: I'm in a Conundrum, need advice.

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    Default I'm in a Conundrum, need advice.

    Okay guys I need a little help on making a decision. I currently have about 25 dollars, I'm also almost out of Diapers. So My problem is that i can't decide if I should go buy a prepaid credit card and pay for a few samples of Bambino's, which i really would like to try, or I could go buy a forty thing of diapers from Walgreens, which means I would have to walk there and carry it home. So which do you guys think would be best?

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    Do you have any ordering issues? If not, then just go with buying the prepaid card to get Bambinos. It probably will be easier for you that way.

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    I don't think I would have any issues....unless for some reason my mom decided to open it if she caught the people coming which is unlikely right now. So probably not.

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    Not sure what your income looks like but I wouldn't want to get a prepaid card again until I could put an excess of $100 on it because they really slam you with that $5 activation charge. I would get the store brand diapers and let them hold you over for a while. If you are anything like me I'm pretty sure that once you try bambinos you won't really want to go back to store brand diapers. So you're better off not trying them until you can enjoy them for a while IMO.

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    If you're that tight on cash, I recommend getting store-bought ones. They're a lot cheaper. I think it's, like.. 4 diapers in the Bambino sampler, and like... 20ish in a case from Walgreens or something? I mean, sure, there's a different in quality and all, but you're going to get a lot more out of the 20ish diapers then you will out of the 4, regardless of the quality.

    I'd go with Walgreens ones. My opinion.

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