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Thread: what kind of toddler are you?

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    Default what kind of toddler are you?

    Hey there everybody, Im piros and am the well renowned toddler knight. So what kind of toddler are you?

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    A princess toddler ^^ Hey, you can save me from my tower!!!

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    a gamer toddler you say? at least you have the advantage of not having to take potty breaks mid game

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    Hehe, I guess I'm a gamer toddler too. But I also like to play with matchbox cars on my 6'x6' playmat. =D

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    hmm. I guess you could call me an artsy church-going toddler. I love coloring in the pews!

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    Definitely Disney. Not much better than singing along with my favorite Disney Princesses! [And princes and lions and so forth..] <3

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    I am a winter-loving, story-writing, road-tripping, music-listening toddler. ^^

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    I'm a sporty toddler! Football, gymnastics, dance and a bit of yoga

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