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Thread: Depends -- got some, they aren't bad, surprisingly!

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    Thumbs up Depends -- got some, they aren't bad, surprisingly!

    I snagged a real bargain on some Depends Maximum Absorbency diapers -- $11.99 for 24. I've been using them 'round-the-clock for 3 days now -- they're actually pretty good despite my past encounters with them from long ago (with their cloth, slip-on ones).

    Fit-wise, they're very comfortable. They're thick enough so that you *always* know that you're wearing it, which made me happy.

    Absorbency-wise, they rank an 8 out of 10. They held up quite a bit. The first capacity test was the 'old-fashined' way -- if you catch my drift. They held up for the whole night, from 7PM to 9AM the next day. by morning they were completely soaked, and not a single hint of a leak.

    The next day I used water. they held an amazing 8 coffee-mug sized water pours, and no flooding/leaking. When they are wet, the swell up very nicely and give a nice bulge to them.

    Look-wise, they're plain white plastic-backed, the same as you'd find in older style baby diapers. The only thing on them is a green dotted line going across the length of the diaper.

    They are *very noisy*. Any slight movement will make a quite noticable (to the wearer, anyway) rustle from the plastic backing.

    Overall, these diapers rank very high for me. A total of 9 out of 10! Very high considering they're depends.

    So if you're on a tight budget, these are very formidable. I bought mine at walgreens, and they carried 16-packs for $8.99.

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    I don't know why everyone here gives them such a bad rap. They're very nice, in my opinion.

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    I swear by these since well, still live with the rents, can't get the diapers online. I have to agree.

    The only real bitter thing about Depends Max are the tapes. Sometimes they're too sticky and grab some of the plastic right off the diaper. That's about it.

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    One thing though, the tapes were shotty.

    They fastened pretty well and they never came undone.

    But them once you wanted to take the diaper off, it ripped the front plastic off and ruined any chance of re-fastening. Note though, that this was after about 2 hours of wearing. If you were to refasten them after just putting it on, you wouldn't have any problems.

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    What type are they? I plan on buying these soon and not sure what there is to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mm3 View Post
    One thing though, the tapes were shotty.
    If you were to refasten them after just putting it on, you wouldn't have any problems.
    Actually when I got them they ripped off the plastic any time I tried, even right after I put have em on. The Depends also have a bad absorbency. I even tried wearing them with a pampers cruisers stuffer, and they started leaking after only 2 wettings. However, if you pee slowly there is a good chance that it should hold it all in, depending how many wettings you have done.

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    Can you take a picture of the package, or find a picture of it online so some of us know which ones you're using exactly :3...I think people give them a bad rating, because they are pretty bad compared to better brands...But they'll pass if it's all you have...

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    What type are they? I plan on buying these soon and not sure what there is to them.

    Depends Maximum Protection. They're sold at chain drug stores normally (Walgreens, CVS). I'm not sure about big box stores. I know supermarkets normally don't carry Max Protection.
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    I have used these too and also thought they were quite good. I liked how they were plastic-backed and had pretty good absorbency. They are probably the best diaper that is easy enough to get your hands on. There are definitely better ones out there, but as far as ones you will find everywhere, these are the best. I will need to go buy some more sometime soon.

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    Depend is one of the of the most overlooked brands.Why are people bashing them,they are still a diaper arent they,give them a chanceClick image for larger version. 

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