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    Hello everybody!

    I am from the USA, and enjoy Video Games of all kinds. I'm a fan of consoles and PC games alike.

    I also enjoy music, and play several instruments, Piano, Brass, and dabble in Bass Guitar.

    I'm looking forward to expanding my horizons and learning more about the community and learning how to be comfortable with myself and others, as I've always been a bit of a shy person.

    I'm currently trying to get in shape, and teach myself about proper nutrition and health, as I'm a bit overweight and I miss my younger days of being more active and playing sports.

    Thank you for having me !

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    Hello and welcome aboard.

    I've been considering starting to work out myself because I'm just plain out of shape. What kinds of things are you doing to get in shape?

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    I've cut out the four main things I've learned are the least necessary, and/or most harmful to myself, since I'm obese, and have extra fat stored on my body:

    Excluding sugar/alcohol/dairy/grain.

    Sugar & Alcohol were obvious, Dairy as it's not the greatest source of vitamins for the amount of calories it has, and then Grain, as the biggest benefit it has is only just fiber. Some grains do have some worthy protein, but not nearly as much as meats/fish/fowl/nuts/seeds.

    So that's what I'm excluding, those four, as well as anything processed or fake lol.

    As far as what I'm eating more of, I'm eating LOTS more veggies for vitamins and fiber, sticking to just meat/fish/fowl/seeds/nuts for protein, and drinking a LOT more water than I used to lol. Over a gallon a day.

    Edit: I am also, when craving sugar, eating only whole fresh fruits. **end edit**

    In the last 4 months, I've lost 32 pounds without any exercise! I hope to continue losing, and start exercising after I lose about 20 more pounds, as not to put strain on my joints/bones from the excess weight.

    Funny, how the thought of fitting in smaller diapers is a motivation for losing weight lol. Large diapers fit me, but all large size diapers, regardless of brand seem to go SO very high up on the waist ... just makes for it being a bit hot at night sometimes, especially in summertime.

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