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    Default Bambino Bellissimo

    It's official! The new Bambino diaper is called the Bambino Bellissimo!

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    That lucky Guy!> I didn't even know thw contest was going on, I would have sure added one more suggestion in competition to his.

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    Well I hate it. That surely couldn't have been the best suggestion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperTed View Post
    Well I hate it. That surely couldn't have been the best suggestion.
    Guido thinks it's molto fantastico!!!!

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    I really want to try these I've always been a sucker for the white diaper with colored tapes on top

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    They are pretty awesome. They hold A LOT. Wish they didn't do the new sizing though as I want them to be a bit bigger up top. Overall though they are really nice.

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    I don't like the name, but that still doesn't change the fact that I love this diaper.

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    Trying it out right now, I have been in it for about 15 minutes and so far I am simply amazed. I love this diaper, we will see how it holds up through the night.

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    They're cute but mine had faulty tapes.

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