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    who here likes anime? Its one of my favorite things to watch on a saturday morning. Oh and whats your favorite and why.

    Not to be cliche but mine would have to be naruto, its just so perfectly epic.

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    Currently One Piece for me :3 I love anime but since I'm a college kid I haven't had time to regularly sit down and watch shows so I mostly read mangas.

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    I like anime. One of my favorites is angel beats. It was the first anime my friend showed me and thats what got me into watching it.

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    Death Note FTW.

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    hikaru no go

    soul eater

    and I just have to recommend hourou musuko (放浪息子) or wandering son the anime is really good though it kind of starts in the middle.
    the manga however is shear awesome and I believe the first two volumes have been recently translated to english
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    I've watched about 40 series and several OVAs and movies since 2004.
    If you like drama, you should watch Haibane Renmei and/or Usagi Drop.

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    mew mew power, hamtarooooo, zatch bell, vampire knight, case closed <3
    so hard to pick just one (: i like em because their eaither cute or dark and mysterious ! ^_^

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    Baka and test for right now... watch it and your understand why.

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    i love lots of anime! too many to list but my favorites are sailor moon, pretty cure and chobits

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    Bleach, DeathNote, Kekiashi, Ghost in the Shell, and some others that I can't name right now. Used to love Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, but that lost out after realizing that many episodes dialog was half composed of yelling, screaming, and whining.

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