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Thread: Other uses for diapers

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    Default Other uses for diapers

    Just as it started to get into the low 40s where I live my heat went out and started blowing ice cold instead of warm hot air. My unit is still under warranty but where I live is on the very outer edges of the a/c company's service area so I had to go two nights with no heat at all. I can't sleep when I'm cold so I started racking my brain to think of a solution to keep warm at night. Then I realized that I could use a diaper as a makeshift hot water bottle. I just turned the faucet as hot as is would go, filled the diaper with hot water and then taped it up as if I was about to toss it out. I put it down by my feet and kept nice and toasty warm throughout the night.

    Has anyone else found any interesting ways to repurpose diapers for other uses?

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    I used to use old cloth baby diapers to stain wood, and to wipe on rubbing varnish. I know, it's a horrible waste of a baby diaper, but it gave me an excuse to buy more. I love going into a store to buy cloth baby diapers. For me, it's an incredible rush. I should explain that I used to build a lot of furniture, and my wife and I also bought a number of unfinished furniture pieces. They all needed stained and varnished, and the cloth diapers were very soft and absorbent.

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    Before I discovered this little hobby, I had come across some old cloth diapers while cleaning out my parents crawl space (was living at home at the time). dampened (with water) they were very effective for wiping solder off my soldering iron (yes, I was always a geek...). I also used them when clamping wood in the bench vice (to prevent the metal teeth of the vice from marking up the wood).

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    I havent had any other uses but that was very smart.

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    Last year one of the kids on our football team got hurt really bad (he was in the hospital for about 4 1/2 months after this) he was the running back (little guy 5"1' ran really fast) and this huge 6"3' 275lbs (not sure exactly but I think I'm pretty close) linebacker just dominated him. He busted our guys thigh bone (what's it called?) and it penetrated through the skin and went back inside, blood was gushing everywhere and so one of the moms comes over and has the coach put a diaper on his leg to keep him from losing too much blood. Lucky we had a mom there!!!
    Oh and he made a full recovery, grew 6 1/2 inches while in the hospital and put on an extra 67.2 pounds. He's a beast now, he's SCARY to go up against!!

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    Diapers make great paper towels in an emergency.

    Padding while riding a bike is good.

    A cool hat, just ask my daughter (her own baby diapers, not mine), she has never seen mine.

    Cloth baby diapers are good for waxing a car.

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    i have seen a combat medic use one as a pressure dressing for a gunshot wound

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    I also use a couple disposable diapers to wrap my camera equipment when I travel. The padding helps protect them from being damaged and if I travel to a humid climate the SAP helps to prevent moisture/condensation buildup. The best part is that if anyone sees them and is bold enough to ask why I have diapers I just tell them about the above reasons and prevent an awkward situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mdagon View Post
    i have seen a combat medic use one as a pressure dressing for a gunshot wound
    Why would a combat medic have diapers? Doesn't seem like the kind of thing you'd need to stock when going out on a combat mission...

    Anyway, using a diaper as a hot water bottle, that's just genius.

    I've never put my mind to any other uses for them, but I bet they'd make an interesting projectile to ward off those unruly feral cats in my neighborhood...

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