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Thread: when did you get into diapers?

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    Default when did you get into diapers?

    hey Im sure that a thread like this has already been started, but I figure you guys like talking about it anyway so here goes!

    For myself it started when I was about 9 My uncle,a boy only a year older than myself was a chronic bedwetter and one night I was home and I caught a peek of my uncle being changed by mom before bedtime. I can still remember how jealous I felt of him despite the emberrasment he may have felt at the time. Ever since that moment its been an on and off decade of sneaking around, close calls, getting busted, and the bliss of being in my nappies

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    It all started for me within the first hour of being born, thats when I first got into diapers.

    However by the time I was 3 my mother had me out of diapers.

    But as luck would have it at the age of 5 I discovered diapers again and have been wearing then since.

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    I've loved diapers since my first memory (which takes place when I was three, and I asked my mom to tape my diaper back on me after I used the bathroom like "big boy" - bleck, big boy).

    I would constantly swipe diapers whenever I could (and when I was younger, I would even steal them when they were wet). And with my sister not being fully potty trained until she was 5 (when I was 7), I had access to plenty of diapers, used or not.

    I know, I know, it was gross, but hey... I was 7. I didn't know any better.

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    Don't feel bad. I did that when I was 6, and I think I did know better. It turned me on, even then. I was 4 when I first wanted to be put back in diapers. What was my mom thinking? She wouldn't do it. She simply didn't share my vivid imagination.

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    I got into diapers when I was about six years old. I had a dream one night of one of my friends wearing diapers. I got curious, tried my first diaper, and I've been hooked ever since. ^^

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    when I was five i started wetting the bed. My mum didn't like this and I would get in trouble. by age six i started getting diapers to hide it. They made me feel safe so I started to like them.

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    I'm not really sure when it started for me. Besides the obviously "being an actual infant" part, of course.

    I do remember, when I was about 7? 8? My mom was putting my little sister into her pull-ups, and I boredly asked if I could wear one. She thought it was cute or something and said okay.

    But I clearly must have thought about it before then, because otherwise, why would I have asked? I don't know.

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    I got into diapers via my boyfriend who has been into diapers since a young age. It's been less than a year for me, but I got into it slowly when my boyfriend confessed to me his love for diapers and being babied. So yup yup I got into them...most likely more than six months ago.

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    The desires came when I was nine. It just happened one day. It started with seeing two toddlers playing in the play area at a mall while my brothers were playing there too and I couldn't play because I was too old. It was hard not being able to play on that fake ship because I was too old and my brothers still got to play on it and I remembered when I would play on it and how much fun it was. I just hated sitting there and doing nothing. I still think it was my childhood that did it though and that was just the trigger.

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