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    Default Newcomer!

    Hi everyone!

    Im kind of new to this so im hoping everyone here will help me out

    Im from Ohio and i am a DL and have been one my whole life. I love the way they make me feel secure and extremely comfortable. My favorite kind is disposable with 1 tape on each side and the more crinkle the better! I have never met in person in my entire life another DL like me so im hoping to meet some awesome people here who understand how great diapers really are.

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    Heya dude! Welcome to ADISC. =D

    Just a tip: (And I'm not trying to be an a-hole here, this is just standard procedure)
    DL is right there under your username, and that's basically all you've said about yourself so far. One of the purposes of an introduction is to introduce people to the "real" you, after all, we don't all just sit around padded all day and stare at the wall, we have other "normal" interests too! xD

    Some suggestions/questions:

    Music? (Do you play any instruments? What's your favorite band/genre?)
    Video games? (Favorite style, systems you own, favorite game...)
    What do you do for a living? Favorite subject in school?

    Things like that make for a much better introduction, and helps people get to know you as a person, not just as a DL.

    Cheers mate, welcome to the boards!

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    Thanks Descolada for the advice

    well i guess to start i love classic rock Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are my favorite bands. Ive been playing the guitar for about 5-6 years and i own a Stratocaster a Les Paul standard and a Fender acoustic. I do enjoy video games alot i own an xbox360 and a gaming computer i built myself from scratch The original Halo Combat Evolved for Xbox is my all time favorite game. As for my job i work in IT and telecommunications. I am currently part time in college studying IT and if all goes well i should have my associates by the end of spring! thanks again Descolada for the help and anyone else feel free to post.

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    MUCH better introduction! See, now people have stuff to talk with you about! X3
    (By the way, my introduction was absolutely dreadful and very short, I know how hard intros can be!)

    I play the guitar too, but I don't have any expensive ones. A Strat AND a Les Paul, I'm super jealous! =O

    As for the help, that's-a-me, ADISC's friendliest quazi-sentient virus strain. ^_^
    Any time. =D

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