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Thread: Girls with pacifier and Bottle at school

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    Default Girls with pacifier and Bottle at school

    wow, i jsut wanted to share this, i have seen some girls at school drinking from a bottle, but yesterday (last day at school) I saw a girl with a binkie O.O its this normal? XD i dont think they are ab's , but I think they looked cute =P

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    Yeah, this is fairly common. I remember girls drinking from bottles at lunch one day when i was in middle school, but never saw it in high school. They just think it's cute or something like that.

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    Pacifiers at school were a huge trend over here a couple of years ago. Like everyone had a paci dangling from their schoolbag and you'd see teenagers doing competitions about who can turn around the paci in their mouth the fastest. I remember I had one too. It was nothing special back then; in fact was something cool to do at school. lol.

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    ya saw the same thing in high school, never saw the bottles tho

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    hahaha my bro said the same, that pacifiers are normal but bottles arent XD Im surprised to see a pacifier, not the bottles =p

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    You could always go up to them and ask, maybe even join in with a paci if you are feeling adventurous.

    It might just be an inside joke though.

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    I've heard of the paci fad, but I never saw it when I was in high school. I've never heard of kids having bottles in school though.

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    paci yes, that fad comes and goes every fall with the carnival bottles only once on a spirit day. Kids do amazingly creative things all the time on spirit day. I love my school

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    My friends and I drank from bottles starting 5th grade or so? and carried on through middle school.. Most of them moved though. So I can't say if I am the only one that continued with the habit.

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