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Thread: Hi, I'm Missy!

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    Smile Hi, I'm Missy!

    As the title says, my name is Missy, well, babymissy to be more accurate. And, I am quite a {{pick one or more of the following....strange...unusaul,.. devoted, ....loving, ....chronically ill, ....weird,.... funny,.... sensuous, ....broken, an......role loving...rural.......geeky... race ally depressed.......eternally optimistic.......usually life living........2yr old. }} girl.
    I hope I get to know many of you, and then you can decide which elements of me that you see. I live in a small waterfront home in Northern Ontario Canada with my loving female spouse. We got married soon after we were legally able to and have now been married 7 years. We are off the grid and use solar panels for electricity, we draw our water from the lake, and get our bits and bytes via satellite dish. We have 3 dogs that we adore to no end. I really am sort of an unusual woman, and firmly believe that "normal" should, indeed, be limited to use on a washing machine. I am very much AB and use it to cope with dealing with issues from the past, and my current chronic illness. I am a bit limited in physical ability, and I find that to be very hard to deal with, as I always have been a very active person.
    I think I have come here for support. For support for me, and hopefully to give support to others. I love my AB side. It helps me so much, and I want to learn to enjoy it more, and worry about it less. Also I am an open minded person, and I'm just looking forward to meeting some cool people and making some new friends. I look forward to getting to know you !Oh, and to get it out of the way?.......cloth, plastic pants.... that is what i grew up with, and that is what I like
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    Hello Missy and welcome to ADISC,

    I'm sorry to hear about your chronic illness limiting your physical ability. We have a very diverse group of members, from all walks of life. i'm sure you can find a member or two here to relate with. Also what kind of dogs do you have? My Daddy and I are talking about getting a dog when we move back up north. He wants to train him, to be kind of a service dog. We're looking at German Shepherds. I too use regression as as an everyday coping method. I have anxiety problems and panic attacks on an almost daily basis.

    I hope to see you around Missy~

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    hi babymissy. Like you I am new to the site. I found it and still am trying to browse everywhere. I find it fascinating that you're off grid... the solar panel idea I really admire, I'd like to do that myself... and I'm happy for you and your spouse -- seven years! Congrats!

    I'm more of a Mommy myself, but I do enjoy having my babygirl side pampered and loved from time to time.

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