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Thread: Hiya everyone!

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    Default Hiya everyone!

    I'm a not-so-typical college student, trying to live life the way I want, which isn't easy where I am. I work as an event specialist for Crossmark, I guess working at a Wal-Mart makes it easy to buy the stuff I want. ^^;

    I made this account a long while back, so the name isn't really what I want, but oh well. Most call me Darcin, just so everyone knows.

    I mostly have an interest in diapers because I feel that my childhood was lacking. I want to be able to relive my childhood properly, which I know is just a dream, but I try nonetheless. On a side note, I'm a babyfur. :3

    Apart from my babyfur side, I'm a techie, big time. I enjoy working on/with computers, and I often repair computers for pay as a local job. I was raised on Windows, but I love Linux more, running it on any computer I own. I don't mean to brag, but I think I'm pretty good at what I love to do.

    I'm here to find and talk to others with similar interests to me, life gets lonely and I try to stay social and happy. Not everyone shares the same interests, so it's hard to find people like that.

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    Gasp! I run Linux! Ubuntu 11.10 to be specific~! Hmm, maybe you can help me, I can't get something to work. If you're willing, message me. :< In return, my eternal friendship. I love computers too! :3 And.. ahem, I too are babyfur... >///>;

    Nice to meet you, Darcin! I hope to talk to you more soon!

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