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Thread: Diaper at breakfast

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    Question Diaper at breakfast

    A question for bedwetters... do you keep your diaper after the night while having breakfast? Or do you rush directly to the shower when getting up?

    I like taking time in the morning and I like this moment between the night and the beginning of the day and therefore being in pyjamas and keeping my diaper a while.

    When I was younger, my mothers let me keeping it on week-ends (not if there were people at home), but now I do it more often.

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    Depends on how I feel at the time.

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    I'm not a bed wetter,,,,,however, before I got married, I used to remain in a diaper for a while after I got up. It seemed to really help me remain relaxed in the mornings in the midst of preparing for another day. I used to like to some go down stairs in my apartment and get a bowl of cereal and sit on the floor at the coffee table in the front room and watch TV (morning news) while still diapered.

    However, since being married, I don't get the opportunity to do that very often. My wife knows I wear diapers. She even knows exactly where I keep them (two plastic totes in the bed room closet). But I knows she isn't 100% comfortable with them so out of respect for her, I do not wear around her.

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    I used to do that when I was a bed wetter. I sometimes used to get up really early before the cartoons started and leave my diaper on for a while while I was watching tv. I know I enjoyed it and these days I like to emulate that when I can and if have worn over night I like to leave it on while I have breakfast.

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    I'm not really much of a bed wetter so I am not sure how much you value this.

    I normally shower before I eat so that would normally involve changing into normal underwear boxers.

    However if I was at my house on a weekend or something like that I might very well make and possibly eat breakfast while diapered. Especially if it was still fairly dry.

    I don't really wet the bed much and the last time I did was somewhat artificial and I was wearing a diaper anyways because I was afraid it might happen. I was sick and had been drinking a lot of water then I took nyquil before I went to bed. At some point before I passed out I realized that it might be embarrassing when I woke up so I put on one of my last M3's overnight and boy was that a good choice...

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    I've never had the leisure I use diapers to hide bed wetting from my mom.

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    I did when I was younger and my problem was "family knowledge." I didn't sit around and eat breakfast in a wet diaper, mind you (they were Depends so it was basically like wearing a slightly stronger wet paper sack, and they almost always leaked...). Shower was almost always the first thing I did but I think when something like that becomes so common place you're more nonchalant and relaxed about it. So I didn't run off to shower, took my time, if something else needed done quickly I just did it in a wet diaper, no big deal.

    Toward the end of my childhood bedwetting phase I began despising them once again (probably would have helped if I would have been wearing a brand that kept me and the bed dry...) and I wanted out of them ASAP presuming I even would wear one. Last year or so I didn't wear them at all. I was sick of them.

    Now that the problem is back, however...well, usually when I get up in the morning everyone is away at work so I don't always change out of a wet diaper right away. I'm not in any hurry and like I said...when you do it often enough, it just isn't a big deal anymore.

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    There's so many times I wake up in the night/morning and wish I had a nappy on. This morning I just so happened to have one on, it was awesome filling it up then coming down for breakfast. Only thing was, it was an Attends and they don't seem to deal with odours as well as Tena Slips do, otherwise I'd probably still be in it now!

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    Being Incontinent , I wear diapers 24/7 , so I am always diapered at meal times weather wet or not !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homebound View Post
    Being Incontinent , I wear diapers 24/7 , so I am always diapered at meal times weather wet or not !
    Same for me, but I think the question was more if you stay with a diaper that you had on duringf the night. For me it depends - if it's not too wet and if I don't feel shower is the 1st thing I want to do after waking up - I keep wearing it during the breakfast. Especially when I feel that breakfast is the 1st thing I want to have

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